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Top 5 Exciting Thai Fashion Trends For Women in Thailand



Top 5 Thai Fashion Trends For Women in Thailand

Besides beaches, Thailand is also very popular for its fashion statement. And, if you’re that girl who wants the best of Thai fashion, read out a list of top five fashion trends for girls in Thailand and wear what’s most trending.

Thailand is a dreamy beach side paradise where the country’s cultural integrity and high street fashion harmoniously coexist. From monasteries to dense forests, pristine beaches to coral reefs, lip-smacking multi-cuisines to floating markets, Buddhist monks to fashionistas, you will find everything beautiful in Thailand.

With so many fascinating things, the citizens of Thailand are no less. Their people are counted amongst the most hospitable people in the world. The people in Thailand fabulously carry everything they wear, flaunting bold colors and floral shirts, relaxed fits, or crazy cut clothes. Thailand’s traditional fashion is called “Chut Thai,” which means Thai outfit.

The traditional clothing of Thailand is still very much in fashion and worn by men, women, young boys, and girls. For example, the traditional wear for young women is Chut Thai, which includes a Pha Chung hang or pha nung – a blouse, and a pha biang.

Young women hailing from the northeastern and northern part of the country prefer to wear a pha sin along with a blouse or suea pat over pha Chung hang and Pha Nung. From gothic style to Roman dresses, Thailand ranks amongst the top countries in the fashion category due to its fastrack changing trends.

Now, let us check Thailand’s top 5 fashion trends for girls gaining popularity among Thai girls.

Top 5 High Trending Fashion For Women in Thailand

So, here are the top five fashion trends in Thailand listed below.

Pha Chung Hang

Top 5 Exciting Thai Fashion Trends For Women in Thailand

Chang kben or Pha Chung hang is a cloth that Thai girls wrap around their lower bodies. It is the same as the Khmer sampot. One can describe Pha Chung hang as a long piece of cloth, which is rectangular and generally worn by girls and women around their lower body.

You can compare Phang Chung Hang to the traditional dhoti worn in South Asia. However, more than skirts, Pha Chung hang resembles pants. This piece of cloth measures one meter in width and three meters in length. First, you wrap the cloth around your waist and stretch it away from your body. Then, you twist the two ends of the cloth together and pull the twisted fabric between your legs to tuck it in the back of your waist.

Kloset Catrina Bloom Frill Neck Dress

Top 5 Exciting Thai Fashion Trends For Women in ThailandKloset’s catrina bloom dress is a fashion statement that keeps tradition and gives Thai girls a distinctive style. It’s a floral print dress with a loving frilled neck that gives the girls a light Bridgerton-inspired look.

The dress is the best match if you want a look classy along with artful contemporary styling. But, of course, you must pair this dress with colorful flats or lace-up sandals. And, the dress suits every occasion, but especially if you’re visiting an art gallery or exhibition.

Pha Biang

Top 5 Exciting Thai Fashion Trends For Women in ThailandSbai or pha biang is a breast cloth garment similar to the shawl. The specialty of pha biang is that both girls and boys can wear it. Pha biang is a long silk material with a foot’s width, which Thai girls drape around their chest diagonally so that it covers one shoulder, with its end going at their back.

You can pair pha biang with another top or wear it around the naked chest. Pha biang was traditionally worn along with Victorian-era costumes during the ruling period of King Chulalongkorn, which lasted until the reign of King Vajiravudh because westernized clothing became more fashionable at this time.

However, pha biang is so popular that it is still widely worn by the women and girls of Thailand.

ASV Anne Stripe Blouse

ASV’s Anne stripe blouse is for those girls who want to dress up a little but look different at the same time. This blouse looks very classy and can be worn both at the workplace and place of your party. A bandana headband would also go well with this blouse. You can click here to know more about the bandana headband.

This sophisticated blouse features lace and contrast stripes that render a very feminine look. This lace adds a timeless, classic, and light Thai traditional aura to the dress. You can pair the blouse with a matching skirt to give you a complete look and can even visit places, like temples wearing this dress.

Pomelo Shell Print High Waist Shorts

A shell print high waist shorts by Pomelo is for those Thai girls who love to flaunt their legs and prefer wearing casual and relaxing clothes. Fashion like this makes your style playful.

Most Thai girls love Pomelo’s vivid pink hue high waist shorts with a seashell motif. These shorts made up of satin-like material are a win-win for both lounge and an invitation for brunch. In addition, the fabric of Pomelo’s shorts is exceptionally light and cooling.

To Conclude

Gingham prints to florals, strapped shoes, loose-fit clothes, quirky hats, and many fashion styles have found a permanent place in the minds and hearts of young Thai girls, which will undergo a transition with the changing time. They have a very unique and fashion sense that will make other girls envy them. So, when you visit Thailand, be like one of them.

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