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The Top 5 Thai “Net Idols” on Facebook



Net Idols are phenomenon of the last years (starting from the late nineties), social medias, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube overall, are the perfect places to create public figures with hundred of thousands if not millions of followers/subscribers, hungry for a new picture, video or a simple few lines post.

Most times the ones with the most followers on social medias are movie or TV stars, supermodels or public personalities who distinguished themselves in some way in the “real life”.

But there are some rarer cases when people who are totally strangers to any kind of stage can be blessed with a huge popularity and an incredible number of fans on social medias or any other way on the internet, we use to call them “Net Idols”., today presents to you the top 5 Net Idols on Facebook in Thailand.

5. Pocky Ming – she was a pretty for some time, but the career online was more gratifying so now she is a full time net idol. 350k+ followers

4. Munkaw – she became famous generously showing a part of her body …… I guess you already understood which. 470K+ followers

3. Alice – once overweight, she used to be already popular thanking her ability to adapt her pictures in a way that she looked perfectly fit. When her real shape became public she went under a serious dieting and she lost 20 kgs. Now her pictures should be (at least) closer to the real her. 550K+ followers

2. Noi – Thai version of a barbie doll, is famous for perfect curves and a very dolly face. 600K followers

1. Ley – Beauty and tattoos have always been synonymous of sexiness (at least for some people) and this girl is the brightest example (in Thailand) of how much so. 830K+ followers

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