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The Legacy and Amazing Benefits of Wooden Dollhouses

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wooden dollhouses for children

Dollhouses have always been found to impress adults and children irrespective of age. For many centuries, dollhouses were known for their rich values. In the olden days, the wooden dollhouses were used to depict certain history or fashion.

But, as years passed they became common property in every household. Dutch cabinet dollhouses and Nuremberg dollhouses were the first dollhouses on record. These impressed adults more than children. The Dollhouses in those days were used as religious depictions and not as playful toys. St. Francis of Assisi became the popular depiction.


The religious dollhouses were used mostly in Halloween and Christmas to display the culture and religious ideas of native people. They were helpful to develop cultural and religious values among people and their children. These were mostly wooden, unlike modern dollhouses.

The wooden dolls house looked highly rich and elegant. The novel called ‘The Miniaturist’ is based on dollhouses of Dutch and Nuremberg of the olden period. The miniature dolls inside the dollhouse also attribute their origin to the ancient world.

When talking about dollhouses in the olden age, there are records to prove that there were miniature vehicles, rooms, animals, dishes, dolls in the dollhouse. These olden wooden dollhouses looked exactly like a mini version of the original house. The wooden texture added a realistic touch and feel to them.

The dollhouse forms an integral part of the family

These dollhouses also became a great possession and addition to households. Some of the miniature objects were used as accompanying objects to the dead. They served as accessories that are to be placed after someone is dead, just like an object next to a tomb. Jewels and idols were used as dollhouse accessories by people from Ancient America and Asia.

Historic dollhouses show how people lived in a specific era. It uses ancient interior design and fashion to give the lookers a vintage feel. Queen Anne, godmother of Ann Sharp, gifted Ann a baby dollhouse. Ann also named every doll inside the house and she even dedicated specific roles to every doll inside the house.

The dollhouse forms an integral part of her family even today. This is how dollhouses were regarded as a special personal treasure. As dollhouses gained the status of playful toys post-industrial revolution, they were still considered as a personal belonging by many children and adults.

Make your dollhouse an outstanding innovation

Flora Gill’s A World of Doll Houses will provide you much more detailed information about some of the amazing dollhouses. Heiress Huguette Clark has some of the best and popular dollhouse collection. Japanese dollhouses were possessed by Heiress Huguette Clark.

She also has fairytale cottages in her dollhouse collection. An Inventory of dollhouse furniture and supplies were held by her. She took time and worked on decorating the dollhouse and arranging the objects and supplies all by herself. Designing a dollhouse requires patience and creativity in equal proportions. You need to think out of the box to make your dollhouse an outstanding innovation. ‘There’s a decorator in your dollhouse’ (1969, Melanie Kahane) is a book that will give you amazing decoration ideas for your dollhouse. You can take it as a reference before you plan to decorate your wooden dolls house.


Dollhouses for Architecture

Dollhouses are an important possession to improve architectural skills. Architects generally create dummy models of the buildings that they are going to work on. They also make dollhouses on their own to implement their creative knowledge before actually putting them to real buildings. After implementing their creative work on the dollhouse, they can see where there are shortcomings. This will also help them better their architecture and improve places that require improvements.

Dollhouses for Gardening

Creating innovative gardens in the dollhouses are another great way to improve your horticulture skills. You can plant dummy plants and smartly arrange them to make the dollhouse garden look appealing. By acting like watering the dummy plants in the dollhouse garden, children will learn how to responsibly take care of original plants in their home garden.

Dollhouses for Innovation and therapy

Children get closer to dollhouse than adults, because of their original home-like feel and belonging. It gives children a sense of belonging. Children usually play with the objects inside the dollhouse and give the toy person duties to fulfill. They will also learn house chores thorough cleaning and sweeping the floors of the dollhouse rooms.

This will also give them a feeling of responsibility and eventually result in implementing them in their actual home. Dollhouses also teach them how to organize things.

Do you know? Dollhouses are even used as therapy tools for children. They learn important values like love, responsibility, cleanliness, compassion, etc. through their miniature dolls and objects. This will teach them how to love fellow humans and behave with kindness and compassion.

Apart from real home-like dollhouses, you can also buy your children an elegant and classy wooden dolls house, or a Barbie dollhouse, or a themed dollhouse. You can also make your children spend quality time with their dollhouse every day and teach them how to use the dollhouse in an efficient way to improve their social, interpersonal, and organizing skills.

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