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‘The Laundress’ Recalls All Its Products Due To Safety Concerns



'The Laundress' Recalls All Its Products Due To Safety Concerns

(CTN NEWS) –  The Laundress recalls all of its products.

Following an internal examination that revealed “the potential presence of high amounts of bacteria,” the company posted a safety warning on its website on Thursday.

The Laundress requests that clients stop using all of its products immediately, even though the notice states that it has not discovered any harmful health effects connected to the problem.

Since 2019, the business has expanded to over 70 eco-friendly items, including laundry detergents, hampers, and storage bags.

'The Laundress' Recalls All Its Products Due To Safety Concerns

Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other microbes are present in the products.

Pathogens like Pseudomonas aeruginosa can infect individuals when present in large concentrations, especially those who are weak or immunocompromised.

According to Kelly A. Reynolds, PhD, a professor of community, environment, and policy at the University of Arizona in Tucson, infections “usually appear in the blood, lungs, or wound sites.”

“Some Pseudomonas strains are resistant to antibiotic treatments, making infections more dangerous.

It has been demonstrated that Pseudomonas may infect and thrive on laundry, and at high enough concentrations, it can transmit to susceptible individuals through encounters with infected laundry.”

Cystic fibrosis can also be brought on by the bacterium when breathed.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa, according to James E. Rogers, head of food safety research and testing at Consumer Reports, is a “highly hardy bacteria” that can grow in various environments.

Currently, The Laundress’ products are not tested by Consumer Reports.

According to the company’s website, customers are advised to stop using any of The Laundress products immediately.

The firm did not go into detail in its statement to Consumer Reports about how it found the infected products, whether specific products or batches are affected, or how the products got contaminated in the first place.

The company has instructed retailers and distributors to stop selling its items until further notice and claims to be cooperating with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Which has jurisdiction over thousands of consumer products.

Wash everything you’ve cleaned with The Laundress’ goods in another cleaning solution to prevent getting sick from The Laundress products.

Rogers advises using hot, soapy water to wash surfaces and dishes, but adds that people who are really concerned can use a diluted bleach solution.

Reynolds advises consumers to cease using The Laundress’ detergents and fabric softeners immediately and switch to anything else if they have laundry machines or contaminated apparel that came into contact with the goods.

Additionally, according to her, they should “sanitize their washing machines (this is simple to do by running an empty load with bleach) and rewash their garments with a detergent not affected by the germs.”

“Lay out the clothing to dry at room temperature, on a laundry line in the sun, or in a machine dryer before handling” (in order of preference for increased bacterial inactivation).

The drying process is quite successful at lowering the levels of several bacteria.

What if you accidentally used The Laundress‘ products on delicates like a wool dress or silk blouse that can’t be washed or dried at high temperatures?

According to Reynolds, many washing and drying cycles rather than intense heat may significantly lower the number of bacteria while posing a low danger.


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