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The King of Stacked Denim: AKINGS



The King of Stacked Denim: AKINGS

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Launched in 2017, AKINGS is a streetwear brand out of New York City. Founded and creatively directed by Alan King, they’re first pairs of stacked jeans were made with the intention of making their customers feel like kings.

And it’s no surprise that customers describe their jeans as “the best jeans they’ve ever worn” because when you slip on a pair of AKINGS stacked jeans, you’ll notice the difference right away— they’re made to fit your body. It’s almost as if they were custom made just for you.

That’s because AKINGS stacked jeans have a one-inseam-fits-all construction, allowing anybody from 4 ’11’ ‘ to 7’0″ to wear them. If you’re feeling a bit skeptical about it, that’s okay because you can learn more about how they’re able to do this by reading their blog here.


With many of their customers being some of the most popular stars in the world— Lil Baby, Steve Aoki, Tyga, and Trippie Redd to name a few— the stacked denim brand has been a hit in the music industry. And while many are left wondering how they reason for their growing popularity, Alan King attributes his success to his limited-edition marketing strategy, which includes goods only available on the AKINGS’ official website.

King has also become popular thanks to his social media posts on showcasing the J-shape silhouette of his jeans while also explaining the function and purpose of his denim’s shape. At first glance, The J-shaped curve leaves many curious on the actual function of the jeans, but they’re work with instagram and tiktok influencers have made it easier than ever to educate millions of people on the true purpose of their stacked jeans.

With many of their Tik Tok videos reaching millions of people across different countries and continents, their message has spread to new markets where finding the perfect fitting jeans is a problem for many. But luckily, everyone can wear stacked jeans.

What are stacked jeans?

One of the most significant characteristics of this type of jeans is the length of the inseam, which ranges from 35 to 45 inches or more. Because of the additional length at the inseam of the jeans, this allows for the jeans to stack from the knee to the ankle— this gives them their trademark appearance.

This isn’t a new concept either since brands like G-Star Raw have been notorious for their own variation of stack jeans with the release of their “Staq 3D” denim. The difference is that AKINGS has stayed true to their brand’s purpose for making size inclusive jeans by inviting more people to try on their jeans at home—no need to pay for shipping or returns. And while other fast fashion brands like Shein, Valabasas, MNML, and Boohoo Man have also jumped in on the popularity of stacked jeans, AKINGS’ customers are convinced that they are the best fitting jeans in their wardrobe.

Regardless of method or style, they all have one thing in common: they eliminate the need for the wearer to consider inseam length when selecting a pair of pants. It’s almost as if everyone had the same inseam, regardless of height.
Explore their collection of stacked jeans here.


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