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The Best Cannabis Gifts Ideas for Tech Enthusiasts



The Best Cannabis Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

With the stigma surrounding marijuana disappearing, more people are trying cannabis and feeling comfortable in moving forward. Cannabis is overlapping into so many industries, ranging from medicine and food to even the latest in technology like sharpstone usa grinders. If you have that special someone in your life who loves tech and enjoy a little something green every now and then, these gifts may be a good idea for them.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

The Best Cannabis Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

While the cannabis user in your life may be used to grabbing a bong or rolling a blunt, they may want to consider dry herb vaporizers as an alternative. With more evidence of the dangers of carcinogens, these vaporizers have been indicative of a significant shift in the cannabis market. These devices offer top-shelf convection vapor, with many vapers finding that these units have a fast heat-up time.

High-quality dry herb vaporizers offer users a delicate balance between the taste of the weed and the density of the cloud of vapor produced. Portable cannabis dry herb vaporizers are even available, but be sure to look at the specs for a more durable model. If you’re using this device, and it’s made with inferior plastic, it may melt, compromising its integrity. Herb vaporizers avoid any harsh smoke, with a dry herb vape that now comes with control for precise temperature. Some are now programmable by apps on your phone or tablet.


The Best Cannabis Gifts for Tech Enthusiasts

Sometimes, a puff and some Resident Evil is just what a vaper has in mind. The gamers in your life who like to spark up may appreciate a new game or system. Check the latest gaming tech reviews to get an idea of the best laptop on the market, whether the gamer in your life is a beginner on a new system or has plenty of experience. Depending on your price point, you may want to invest in a new set of headphones for this gaming fan.

From controllers designed for the Fortnite aficionado in mind to gamers on the go needing more portability, there is something with every system user in mind. With enough games to enjoy a nice, long high, they’ll be feeling mellow while enjoying some intense sessions online.

ipad charger

Portable Chargers

If the vaper in your life forgets to charge their pen before leaving the house, they may be looking for an extra battery. However, a portable charger could be a great option to have on hand. With the help of a USB cable, that portable charger can have a cannabis user back to puffing in no time. Having a vape with the right e-liquids is a great gift, and it can help users who don’t really want to rely on a water pipe anymore.

At a full charge, they can maximize the amount of vapor they inhale, with a unit that features proper internal convection heating. With easy-to-clean mouthpieces, it’s easier to maintain sanitation than rolling a joint of cannabis. All you need is a cord and a USB port.



If you feel like opting for something unique, there are plenty of appliances that a tech enthusiast may love to have in their household that can also satisfy their relationship with pot. For example, a techie who might be a foodie may be interested in getting an infuser, which allows weed to seep into certain foods. This is also becoming a popular trend in the culinary world, with micro-dosing and cannabis CBD.

Rather than relying on grinders and complex food processors, there are now appliances designed to create weed-laden edibles, such as butter that can be part of a variety of recipes. This can turn grams of dry herb into something sensational for the pallet.

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