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Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam Itinerary: How Many Days Should You Spend?

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Want to know more about the fantastic Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary for your long holiday? Please read our article to find out which one is suitable for you!

Southeast Asian countries are always attractive destinations for tourists to discover. If you have a long holiday and don’t know where to start your adventure, consider the Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary – the journey to the three most famous countries in the area.

You will be on the time machine that returns you to the ancient relics and brings you back to witness the development of modern Indochina. Here are some suggested itineraries for your extended vacation.

Highlights Of Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand 3 Weeks

Immersing yourself in an authentic Asian atmosphere by joining our Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary. Why not? You will spend around ten days visiting different places in Vietnam. The trip includes:

  • An excellent overnight cruise in Halong Bay
  • A visit to Hoi An Town Ancient
  • An experience of the busy Ho Chi Minh City
  • Discovery of the lifestyle along the Mekong Delta

Moving by speed boat from Chau Doc, Vietnam, to the next destination – Phnom Penh to continue your adventure. Several country attractions are waiting for you to come, such as the Royal Palace, National Museum, and the national symbol Angkor Wat. The imposing and fabulous architecture will bring you nothing but an impression.

The rest of your trip will be Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and the storied capital Ayutthaya of gorgeous Thailand. The combination of the city’s vibrant and historical beauty will attract every visitor’s eyes. Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary 3 weeks is a favorite choice of many tourists.


  • The length of the trip is ideal, which is not too short, so you will not be in a rush in your daily itinerary.
  • Plus, a free day is provided, allowing you to explore in your way or relax if you feel a little bit of overload.
  • Massage time is also offered, preparing your energy to continue your exciting journey.


  • One small minus of the tour is the missing beach time and the famous mountainous beauty in north Vietnam.

If you wish to explore more, try the Indochina itinerary by BestPrice Travel to book a more extended tour. We have a variety of choices for you.

Vietnam Cambodia Thailand At Glance 14 Days

If you don’t have enough time for Thailand – Cambodia – Vietnam in 3 weeks, no worries, the other option to visit the three countries within 14 days is available. You will have one week to see the most fantastic places in Vietnam, such as the capital Hanoi, Halong Bay, vibrant Ho Chi Minh city, Cu Chi tunnel, and Mekong Delta. The stunning landscape and delicious seafood of Halong Bay – a World Heritage site – will leave you with unforgettable moments. Besides, the mighty waterways and lush green vegetation of the Mekong Delta will impress you at first glance.

Next, in your Thailand – Vietnam – Cambodia tour, you will have around two days in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to visit the historical religious attractions of the country, such as Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm Temple. Enormous fig trees and vast creepers of Ta Prohm have always been one of the most beautiful scenes for taking pictures. There is a free day offered to explore the city as well.

The trip will end with the journey to discover the diverse culture of Bangkok. Its modern edges wrap the finest temples of the city, fascinating tourists to come. Ayutthaya Ancient Capital is also on the list to visit since it will drive you back to the old historical time of the country.


  • Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary within two weeks is well organized, ensuring you have enough time to enjoy the most highlighted destinations of the three countries.


  • Due to its short duration but there are still more attractive places, travelers may not feel it’s enough to satisfy their exploration desire.

4 Weeks In Thailand, Vietnam, And Cambodia

Have you ever heard of the Asian tropical jungles or the stretched patty fields, the amazing nature-gifted caves, or the shimmering water of the pacific ocean? Veer off the trodden paths within Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary for 1 month to witness all these gorgeous attractions.

The tour usually starts in Bangkok, but it’s possible to arrange the departure at the customer’s request. Besides the well-known fabulous Bangkok and Ayutthaya, the journey will bring you to the famous Golden Triangle, where three countries, Burma, Laos, and Thailand, meet. Visiting the ethnic tribes and observing the beautiful landscape with spectacular views promise to give you memorable moments.

Thailand is a Buddhist country; that’s why it’s not hard to understand why it has many magnificent temples. You can have a chance to visit them in different provinces in the country, such as Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Furthermore, tourists are treated to traditional performances and distinctive northern Thai food. Flourishing orchid and butterfly farms and colorful handicraft villages are the following remarkable destinations.

Your journey continues with the flight from Bangkok to Hanoi, Vietnam. The great thing with this Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary is you can explore Vietnam from north to south, from grandeur mountains to sparkling beaches. Trekking to the northern provinces like Sapa to learn more about the life of the ethnic groups and unique house architecture and taste the incredibly delicious local food. Apart from the famous Halong Bay, Vietnam also has a region called “Halong Bay on Land”. Stepping inside this picturesque countryside in Ninh Binh, travelers can not take their eyes off the enchanting landscape with caves and limestone karst mountains.

Tired of climbing hills and mountains, there is no better relaxation than resting on the sun shining beach in Nha Trang. Snorkeling under the deep clean blue seawater is also an ideal option as you will have two free days on the seashore.

The last country destination is Cambodia, where you can uncover the mystery of the Khmer king and the lost civilization. Moreover, floating villages on Tonle Sap lake are another spotlight. Observing the unique lifestyle of local people is definitely a second-to-none experience.


  • The four-week tour is for sure a trip of a lifetime as you can discover many exotic scapes and the living style of Indochina nations. The tour is set up carefully and reasonably with some time for free activities during the long journey.


  • However, 30 days of traveling is more suitable for young adults and seniors as it can be a little overloaded for children.

Thailand Cambodia Vietnam itinerary is the ideal option for long journey intentions. The 14-day one is suggested if you don’t have so much free time. However, consider longer trips if you want to visit more places and attractions. BestPrice Travel is where you can find the tour that meets your requirements and organize the most suitable one for you. You will receive more than what you expect.


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