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Seven Best Things to do in Nepal




With the tallest mountains and cultural grandeur around every corner, the range of attractions to witness in Nepal is simply astounding. This mountainous country allows its visitors to discover a ravishing mountain landscape, given that it is home to eight out of fourteen world highest peaks. Along with epic mountain sceneries, roaring rivers, green hills, deep valleys, historic buildings, heritage sites, and clear turquoise lakes. Given all these glories, here’s a selection of the seven best things to do in Nepal. If you plan a trip to this beautiful Himalayan country, check out various trips of the Nepal Hiking Team based in Kathmandu, Nepal. They provide a diverse range of activities for travellers with specific requirements.

Trek to the massive mountains of Nepal

This is one of the exciting, adventurous, and fun things to do in Nepal. Every year to see the massive Himalayan peaks of Nepal, thousands of travellers globally visit Nepal. Everest Base Camp Trek, one of the iconic treks globally, is one of the most popular and best treks in Nepal; hence most visit Nepal just to experience the beauty of this journey. Besides that, several extraordinary treks across Nepal offer mountain glory and a chance to see mountain culture. Along with culture, incredible natural habitats await your presence and thoroughly mesmerize you. Henceforth, do plan a trek, be it short or long, for an engrossing Nepal experience.

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Visit the Cultural heritage sites of Kathmandu Valley.

Cultural Heritage Sites of Kathmandu valley is one of the most fascinating and stunning historical landmarks of it. These heritage sites include Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, and religious places like Swayambhunath stupa, Changunarayan temple, Boudhanath stupa, and Pashupatinath stupa. All these landmarks are under UNESCO world heritage sites hence hold a great deal as a tourist attraction. These heritage sites showcase intricate and authentic artworks engraved in metal, woods, and brass, and many more for visitors to admire. These are true identities of Nepal; thus, make sure to visit these incredible monuments of Nepal.

Take a detour of beautiful Pokhara

Pokhara, one of the liveliest cities in it, is a hub for both domestic and international tourists. From adventure sports to calming and rejuvenating activities such as yoga and meditation, Pokhara is the perfect spot for various activities. Besides its expansive offerings, the city is serene, surrounded by massive peaks of the Annapurna range, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchre, Himchuli, Niligiri, and many more. Because of its beautiful geography, Pokhara is the jewel city of it. One can diversely enjoy the town with a broad range of activities.

Experience the wilderness of Nepal with Jungle Safari

Beyond Nepal’s high mountains and ethnic hamlets, visitors can discover serene sanctuaries teeming with wildlife. While the iconic Bengal tiger is a top draw for safari-goers, there are an impressive array of wild things for visitors to spot in Nepal’s dense tropical jungles and vast grasslands. It has several national parks covering hundreds of meters of protected lands. Among many, Bardia and Chitwan National Park are travellers’ favourites for animal sightings. These parks offer several activities such as canoeing, jeep safari, nature walk for authentic wild experiences. Likewise, these parks are surrounded by ethnic people like Tharu, who are ethnically protectors of the forest. Hence, with wild adventures, people also can indulge raw and authentic intake of the Tharu people towards the environment and Mother Nature.

Peak Climbing for adrenaline-rushing thrill Seekers

As told early on, Nepal is a mountainous country which means the country offers extensive mountaineering opportunities involving peak climbing. Mountain expeditions are still one of the great adventure activities many people take on in Nepal. But over the years, peak climbing is also taking its peak. With several peaks over 6000 meters suitable for climbing, many keen climbing enthusiasts go to Nepal for first-hand experience. Moreover, with peak climbing already being an overly enthusiastic sport, adventure seekers find Nepal a paradise. Peaks like Tharpu Chuli, Island, Mera peak are a few of the great options to choose from for an unforgettable experience while in Nepal.

Partake in Adventure sports in Nepal

With easy access and gorgeous terrain, Nepal is an ethereal playground for adventure lovers. With options such as paragliding, zip-lining, to heart-pounding bungee jump, one can find all types of outdoor activities. These adventure sports are short yet will give you lasting memories of wild moments. Along with free-falling and flying like birds, the outdoor activities include mountain biking, rock climbing, white river rafting, and many more. Make a reservation for one day for these unique outdoor activities while in Nepal. They sure are scary but highly worthwhile.

Go on spiritual pilgrimage tours

Nepal is a majorly Hindu country. Thus, there are many Hindu temples dispersed across the country. These temples are sacred for Hindus; hence, thousands travel to Nepal every year to seek blessings from Nepal’s famous and holy temples. Some of the few sacred sites of Nepal include Lumbini, Pashupatinath temple, Pathivara, Muktinath, Tengboche, and many more. These are holistically pleasing and calming places for pilgrims; thus, spirituality is pretty influential in It. Do visit one of the sacred pilgrimage sites of Nepal and find followers finding peace following several rites and puja rituals. For foreign tourists, it is an exciting and gratifying experience.

Last words,

These are a few of the best and fun things to do in Nepal for international travellers. These activities offer an overview of It; hence these are the top things to do. One can find various exciting things to do in Nepal beyond these; nevertheless, plan to include one or two of these activities for your vacation in It.


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