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Is Love More Important than Sex in a Relationship?



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In a long-term relationship, there are different factors that impact on the solidity of a couple’s bond, but love and sex are normally the most important elements holding the relationship together. Generally, when one of these elements breaks down, cracks begin to appear in the relationship that can quickly damage the couple’s bond. Which is more important? Is it the feeling of closeness and companionship that needs to stay around? Or is it the passion and sexual tension that really drives a relationship’s success?

Opening your mind to new intimate experiences is a way of strengthening a relationship. Different sexual practices have become more common over time, and erotic fantasies are one of the most popular ways for a couple to get excitement back. However, there are other practices that can bring excitement to a relationship, especially when one party is feeling unsatisfied in the bedroom.

In European countries such as England and Italy, and even in Asia, such as in Singapore, escorts have become popular for offering intimate encounters with no strings. Couples book a date with an escort to experiment and elevate their arousal, and it can generate more trust and a stronger bond between them.

Sexual desire shares similarities with love psychologically

Scientific research tells us that love is a neurological process that occurs in various parts of the brain, generating a sensation of intense and immediate pleasure which spreads throughout the body. This was revealed by studies carried out at Oxford University’s Neuroscience Centre, which confirmed that the feeling of being in love involves high levels of dopamine, a hormone which is highly stimulating to humans.

Sexual desire shares similarities with love psychologically speaking, and each feeds into the other. The truth is that they are both necessary for achieving a healthy relationship, but unlike love, sex offers short-term solutions to getting the passion back in a relationship.

Emotional problems, though, are not as simple to resolve as sexual ones, because pleasure can be achieved through better communication, while love is a concept that is still poorly understood and insufficiently studied by society on several levels.

Love should be maintained for the wellbeing of both people in a couple, but it comes along with a series of important factors, such as the setting of long-term goals, living together harmoniously, the responsibility to care for and protect the feelings of the other person and even the small details that keep a couple in a state of continual love.

Love and sex should complement each other for the relationship between two people to be successful in the long term, but nothing is impossible when a couple understands each other.


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