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Hundreds of Brides to Be Take part in “EAZY Running of the Brides 8”



Brides to be

Future brides in wedding dresses took part in the “EAZY Running of the Brides 8” running contest in Bangkok. A total of 300 brides to be participated in the event in hopes of winning a wedding package worth Bt3 Million.

Brides to be

Hundreds of women in bridal gowns and men in groom dresses run as part of the ‘Eazy Running of the Brides 8’ competition, which took place over a 3-kilometre course.

Presented by Eazy FM 105.5, the eight edition of the run-for-love mission for those planning to tie the knot.

Brides to be

Brides to be and Grooms are required to upload a photo showing both of them to or Instagram. The also have to include the hashtags #EazyRunningOfTheBrides and #SHOWDC.

This is also an opportunity for them to show their love, harmony and patience. Couple try to overcome all obstacles to be the first to reach the finish line and win a grand prize. Worth more than 3 million baht.


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