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How to Have a Casual Relationship without Getting Hurt

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A casual relationship will always sound like a great idea until you actually get into one. At the surface level, everything will feel great because who wouldn’t love to have sex without any commitments? However, as you delve deeper into it, you will discover the numerous consequences that come out of it. Almost every person thinks that sex without commitments or feelings is the greatest thing ever, but they forget that they are only human. Humans are all flawed and irrational most of the time no matter how hard they try to convince themselves that they are the opposite. Feelings rule over logic for most of the people and it’s not easy to fight that.

Hundreds of thousands of people end up regretting getting into a casual relationship because they didn’t think it through. It’s not for everyone and you need a certain mindset to engage in casual sex. Jealousy, insecurity and feelings have to be kept out of the equation if you are planning to get into one and it’s not going to be as easy as it may sound. It’s not that casual relationships are supposed to be devoid of emotions, but everything is far more nuanced rather than straight up in your face. It is in many ways more complex than traditional relationships due to the intricate dynamic nature of casual sex.

If you are someone who finds themselves in a difficult situation due to the reasons above or someone who is planning to start a casual relationship, here are some of the best ways in which you can protect your feelings.

1) Care but Don’t Tell

It is almost impossible to not care about a person you are having sex with. When people sleep together they form an instant indefinable bond. Sex is not only the union of two bodies but also the union of two minds and you can’t have one without the other. It is perhaps the most intimate connection two human beings can have in our world. So, if you start developing affection or a sense of being close to your partner, don’t freak out. It’s a natural thing to feel for someone you have sex with. However, in a casual relationship, you need to keep that feeling to yourself unless both of you agreed to it beforehand. You need to respect your partner’s wishes in a casual relationship because it is meant to be experienced with no strings attached. If your partner has no wish to take your relationship further, you need to be an adult and respect his/her wishes. So, before you get into a casual relationship, think long and hard about it.

2) Have Zero Expectations

Expectations can kill your casual relationship faster than anything else. When two individuals decide to enter a casual relationship, they are looking for something that will satisfy them without burdening them with emotional baggage and commitments. It is supposed to be a fun, spontaneous and carnal experience where two people can just enjoy each other’s company and their bodies. Even though it’s for the mutual satisfaction of both individuals, it is meant to be enjoyed from a selfish perspective. So, if you go in with a lot of expectations, chances of you getting disappointed is very high. This doesn’t mean that you should care less about your partner’s wishes and desires, of course. It’s just that when you engage in casual sex, you will be preoccupied about how you are getting sexually satisfied. In fact, that’s why you enter into such a relationship. To avoid getting hurt or feeling bad, walk into it with no expectations and you will surely be pleasantly surprised.

3) Don’t Think About the Future

A lot of people get into casual relationships and think about what’s next? This could be about a new sexual position, the next time they meet or whether they should transition to a more traditional relationship. A lot of people always want to think about the future of such a relationship. However, most casual relationships don’t have any future. It could be a one-time thing or a one-week thing, but it will hardly ever go above a few months, because that is the nature of casual sex. So, if you are planning to start a casual relationship with someone, know that the chances of it growing into something more is very slim. Accept it for what it is and make sure you have the stomach for it. Don’t get into one just because your normal relationships aren’t working out. It’s not only completely out of the ball park; it is a completely different sport all together.

4) It Is Everything You Want It to Be and Yet Nothing

Casual relationship is everything you want it to be when you enter one for the right reasons but often time ends up being nothing when you try to make it into something else. You need to accept the fact that a casual dating site relationship is a temporary experience where two people hook up for fun and sexual satisfaction. The more you try to complicate it, the more it will start to affect you. You need to take yourself out of the picture and enter it from an outsider’s perspective. All you have to do is make sure that your partner is satisfied sexually to the best of your ability while being kind and respectful. Everything else has to be thrown out of the window. If you have the tendency to ask questions and figure what it all means, then casual relationships might not be for you. Accept it for what it is and have a good time.

5) Find the Right Partner

While everything discussed above pertains more to the mindset required for casual relationship, this one is all about the external aspects. If you find yourself ready to start a casual relationship with someone, you need to find the right partner. In fact, it is one of the most crucial steps and rules of guy asking a girl for fwb relationship to safeguarding yourself against getting emotionally hurt. If you are not careful, you might end up with an abusive partner. We’re not talking about just physically abusive individuals as there are many who enjoy emotionally abusing people. Every aspect of the relationship will turn sour and you will find yourself trapped in a kind of chaos. These individuals dominate over you not only in bed but outside the bedroom too demanding you to go over when they want you to and at the time of their preference. Sadly, many people fall victim to such a behavior and end up being miserable. Hence it is extremely important that you find someone who is kind, genuine and fun to be with. Don’t rush into any relationship without knowing who you will be dealing with. Always be cautious, use common sense and listen to your instinct.

Final Thoughts

Due to the underlying complexity of casual relationships, it’s necessary to really consider if it’s a good fit for you. Not everyone can handle casual relationships properly and it’s not supposed to be for everyone either. Never get into one just because you are frustrated with how things are going in your traditional relationships.



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