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How Teddy Coats are Making a Splash in the Fashion World



How Teddy Coats Have Made a Splash in the Fashion World
Katie Holmes sports a camel-colored Teddy coat one of the biggest coat trends this winter

It’s now winter season and what better way to be prepared for the weather than by investing in a warm teddy coat that will compliment your style. In this article, we have you covered to wearing a Teddy coat just like the stars.

Why choose Teddy coats?,What should I be looking for?,How can you style it? With the world now entering the dreaded winter season, it would be crazy to not buy a warm Teddy coats.

It can also feel as if you are always up against time when picking an outfit. You then put this coat on and everything just works. Whether it would be for a fashion choice or just an extra layer, there will be several different styles and options to choose from.

This is Destined to please some of the more selective people out there, as each design slightly differs from each other. But all have a universal quality to them.

You might know this already, but this design is typically more geared towards females, however men should take note. This may finally give them an idea on what to give their spouse… you can thank me later.

However, you are probably still wondering, out of all the coats to choose, why Teddy coats?

By choosing this style of coat, I’m saving you a lot of time. In my eyes, these coats work both for style and warmth, which is exactly what you need right now.

It’s hard to find coats that have the best of both worlds, but Teddy coats fit this.

Kelly Brook bundles up in a light brown teddy bear coat and jeans

Kelly Brook bundles up in a light brown teddy bear coat and jeans

Just search these coats on the web and you will be convinced that you made the right choice, there are some dazzling images.

What should I be looking for?

This part can be confusing, like I mentioned before, they can come in a few different variations.

The basic rule of thumb is that most of them are long. They go down to a little below and above your knee area.

keep an eye on this feature, as both can give off different impressions. Once you have decided on this part, the next part is about the visual look and feel of the coat.

They usually come in fur material, but this can be presented in a few different variations. You can have a more stuffy exterior design and a more formal straight design.

Other than their traditional designs and formal colours like a light brown, their other visual and technical variations are the following:

  • vibrant mix of colours,
  • leopard designs,
  • oversized features
  • cropped coat.

The good news is that you can filter your searches by the colour, and the colours range from mild to extreme.

However, this is not the only search filter you will be able to apply. Others should include, best selling, lowest and highest pricing, relevance and featured.

I recommend starting off with searching for the lowest prices first then the highest prices.

The latest celebrity we’re fan-girling for her Teddy coat is Selena Gomez

With the prices typically ranging from £20 to £150, it’s pretty clear that the price dictates the quality.

That way, you will get a better idea of what kind of quality you should be looking for.

How can you style it?

Whatever way you like, This is the great thing about this coat. Its versatile, Not only does this coat keep you warm but it can give a bit of personality, softer edge or a witty dynamic, depending on what you are going for.

They work great for both casual and formal outings, which means that you can pretty much use it with any outfit.

I’m no fashion expert, but having a coat that works with any outfit is pretty handy, especially when you are indecisive.

The getaway

I have done a lot of talking, but here is what you should do:

  • Search for teddy coats online.
  • Search the reduced price section. Look for sales.
  • Pick your variation. This includes colour and design.
  • Pay all in go or pay monthly.

And that’s it!

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