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How Can I Bond With My Dog?

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Having a special bond with your dog is very important. Some might ask, why do you need to bond with your dog? A dog, in a way, is like a human and needs that love and support from someone or something else. How would you feel if no one ever talked to you and you sat in your room all day, every day? That is why we have friends and family and it’s the same for dogs because we need that presence in our lives. Even taking care of your Goldendoodle puppies can build that bond with your puppies’ mother.

Make Time To Cuddle

It’s healthy to be active with your dogs, but it’s also good to spend some relaxing time together. Whether it’s chilling on the back lawn, on the couch, on the beach, or wherever it is, hanging out is an excellent way to bond with your dog. Cuddling with your little Maltipoo and having that physical contact creates a sense of safety and comfort and lets him know that he means something to you.

Consistent Communication

When going through your dog’s daily routines or training, show them how much you love them by saying positive and uplifting words. Also, be consistent with the terms you use and the nonverbal signals. That will clear up all of your dog’s misunderstandings and encourage good behaviors. That will most definitely build up trust with your dog.

Pet With A Purpose

While petting your dog, it is essential to let him know that he has your full attention. A few small head or belly rubs are nice but don’t mean nearly as much to him as when you are really invested in petting him. Take that extra time in your day and put some extra effort into giving your dog the attention he needs. What does he like? Is it rubbing his belly? Is it scratching his head? Just show him how good of a dog he is!

Play Time

Your dog might like to play by himself sometimes, but there are also times when he loves to engage in playing with you. Being active and excited will allow your dog to feed off it and strengthen his bond with you. Actively playing can also help cut down on any problem behaviors. Someone might say, “my dog doesn’t have any problem behaviors!” It doesn’t matter where you got your dog. Every breed will have different personality traits and they all have at least one problem.

Teaching Tricks

Teaching tricks to your dog can build a stronger connection between you both. Training certain dog breeds can be a pain sometimes, but some such as a Whoodle is far from that, they are very intelligent and quick to learn. As soon as your dog masters his tricks, whether it is a basic or a more complex trick, you should praise him with love and a treat. Even just telling him “good job” and rubbing him will let him know that you are happy with him.

Give Personal Space Time-to-Time

Sometimes, the way to build a stronger connection with your dog is to give him a place where he can be alone. He needs that place if he needs a quiet nap, to get away from loud houseguests, or maybe he just needs to relax from being overwhelmed.


It doesn’t matter if you have been together for one day or eight years; there are always ways to enrich that close relationship between you and your dog. Your dogs have hearts and feelings too. Just try being mindful of your dog and what he needs, and that will help bring you and your dog closer. Always make time to go and do something with your dog to let him know that you care for him. Don’t ever just think that your dog is fine and doesn’t need to play for a long period of time because he isn’t fine! He needs emotional care just as much as us humans.


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