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Hannah Elizabeth Explains How to Get on Love Island and More!



Hannah Elizabeth Explains How to Get on Love Island and More!

Hannah Elizabeth is surely one of the biggest stars of Love Island! Find out what this diva shared in her latest interview.

Hannah Elizabeth: Love Island Superstar

If there’s someone from Love Island who has captured the attention of the whole wide nation, it has to be Hannah Elizabeth.

This gorgeous girl from Liverpool made an appearance in the first season of the show, and ever since then, she has been active in the modelling and TV worlds.

What has she been up to lately; what’s new for her; and does she have any plans for the future?

It’s safe to say that Love Island changed Hannah Elizabeth’s life for the better, and nowadays, she’s living it like there’s no tomorrow.

So, read on to get a sneak peek into her life and find out how to get on Love Island from the star herself!

Exclusive News and Tips from Hannah Elizabeth

What’s New in Hannah Elizabeth’s Life?

First things first, let’s chime in on Hannah Elizabeth’s life and find out what she’s been up to lately! Currently, the model lives in Liverpool, because she can be closer to her friends and family who can help her with her kid. That’s right, you’ve read that correctly; Hannah has a kid!

He’s two and a half, and his name is Reggie. Hannah says that even he’s a lot like her and that he can be a bit mischievous.

But isn’t that what all the kids are like? Nonetheless, the gorgeous glamour girl says that Reggie is her best friend and that he means the world to her.

Even though she’s busy being a full-time mom, Hannah is somehow managing to complete all her work, and she says she’s got more of it than ever!

She focuses on modelling and gets quite a bit of attention on Instagram, since she gained a lot of followers after her appearance on Love Island.

Currently, Hannah plans to go to Essex with Reggie next year so she can move in with her new boyfriend.

As you can see, she’s full of surprises! This means that you can forget all about John, Hannah’s ex from Love Island, because the model has fallen in love with the man of her dreams.

His name is Frank Major, and just like Hannah, he appeared on television a while ago. Although he didn’t star on Love Island, Frank appeared on the hit TV show “The Only Way Is Essex.”

The glamour girl says she has never been happier in a relationship and that things are going as smoothly as they can.

The two have been best friends for over 10 years, and naturally, they fell in love and are now planning their future together.

More importantly, Hannah says that Frank has been getting along quite well with Reggie, as his sister’s got a baby too, so he knows how to deal with kids.

Reggie loves Frank and really loves hanging out with him, so she’s as happy as she can be that things are working out so well.

What Does Hannah Elizabeth Think of New Love Island Episodes?

Now, you’re probably wondering what the star of Love Island thinks of the new episodes. Hannah not only loves them but says she’s addicted to them.

Like the rest of the nation, she was rooting for Ekin-Su and Davide to win and is happy that the power couple are getting their own spin-off show.

Namely, the two are getting a spin-off series in which they’ll be documenting their journey to Italy and Turkey, where Ekin-Su was born.

If we are to judge by their success in Love Island, we can only conclude that the new show is going to be a bomb.

Did Anything Change in Hannah’s Life After Love Island?

Unlike Davide and Ekin-Su, Hannah didn’t get her own spin-off show after Love Island. So, was her appearance on the hit series worth it?

The Liverpool diva says that she’s more than happy with how her life turned out after Love Island.

She met a lot of people, stayed in touch with some producers, and got quite a large following on Instagram, which means that she never lacked work in modelling.

Hannah also starred in Love Island: Afterun, a spin-off in which the stars from the original show were getting interviewed.

Overall, Hannah thinks that her life has changed for the better and wouldn’t change a thing.

Nowadays, she has a large following on OnlyFans and Instagram, her own podcast, NFTs, and enough work to provide for herself, Reggie, and her family.

Hannah Elizabeth’s Tips on How to Get Into Love Island

Now, many of you are likely wondering how to get into Love Island. Whether you’re interested because you want to be on a reality TV show for the experience or you’re just looking to get famous, don’t worry—Hannah Elizabeth has some top tips for you!

The OG of the show herself says that the easiest way to make it on the show is to just be yourself on the audition.

You don’t want to fake anything or create a personality that isn’t yours.

Instead, you want to represent yourself in your true colours on the audition. The cameras don’t like fake personalities, so act like you normally would, and Hannah is sure you’ll get noticed by the producers!

Will We Ever See Hannah Back on TV Again?

Last but not least, it’s likely you want to know whether we’ll ever see Hannah Elizabeth back on TV again, especially now that you know she’s got a kid and plans to move in with her boyfriend.

Fortunately, the charming diva has quite a few plans for her future and is looking to make an appearance on TV again! She says that currently, she can’t share what her plans are because she wants to surprise her fans big time!

But, the diva did share that she is looking to collaborate with some big names from the modelling world, such as the bombshell Katie Price, so be sure to check her OnlyFans page regularly.

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into Hannah Elizabeth’s life, be sure to check out her exclusive interview!

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