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Griffin Emblem Automatic Watch Back with Improved Features and Technology





Griffin Emblem offers the best price-performance ratio in the skeleton automatic timepiece industry. In May 2015, they raised a record-breaking 163,957€. (~ 6.4 billion THB).

It became the most-funded skeleton automatic timepiece campaign on Indiegogo at 2015 and is around 2 times higher than the previous record holder. All models have been sold out at the first shipment within two months.

Now the team of Alain Recuze & Raymond Jones is back with a new automatic timepieces collection which constructed with higher specifications and with improved features and technology as well as best design selection available in more colors.

You are going to get the opportunity of finding a new edition of their best sellers with special price until May 28, 2016.


Brand story of Griffin Emblem includes two parts: The Lion-Griffin and the Treasure. Griffin was not only perceived as the King of mythical creatures, but also as a symbol of the protector of a treasure. The diamond beneath the Griffin’s foot in the logo is just the symbol of each well-designed accessory on the wrist. The word “emblem” is a reference to the treasure.

Griffin Emblem started to focus on skeleton mechanical watch designing since 2013, their watches case are made with 316L stainless steel and houses a Citizen Miyota 82S0 and 82S5 Movement which is made in Japan; it is one of the few high quality mechanical movements that can challenge the famous Swiss-made ETA automatic movement!
The company assigned 10 months to finish creating the watch.

The 3rd collection also brings back its remarkable 42mm case perfect for both men and women. On the face of the newest Griffin Emblem timepieces rests the striking and stunning skeleton design. The distinct exquisite workmanship involved in its automatic movement can be viewed and is exhibited from the skeleton design of the dial.

To step up the sophistication of your Griffin Emblem watch, each piece is embellished with either Ruby gemstones, Zirconia stones, or Swarocski baguette crystals. Griffin Emblem likewise brings back the customization of the metal plate that allows you to customize your metal plate either with your name or a message.

In celebration of its 2nd year anniversary, Griffin Emblem comes with a limited edition timepiece which were made with over 200 Zirconia stones, the bezel is set with 59 baguette-cut Zirconia Stones, while the case and the crown is encrusted with 44 baguette-cut Zirconia Stones and 97 Zirconia Stones.


Griffin Emblem obtain support from champion of Mr. France 2014 Mr. Ricardo Pinto because of their philosophy, commitment and professionalism. Mr. Ricardo Pinto became the brand ambassador of Griffin Emblem and promoted our brand concept.

You can support this initiative with any amount of money, starting from only $20. However, you can go up to $699. If you want to support this initiative in a better way. The contributors are going to get amazing rewards on contributing for this project. However, the kind of reward would depend on the amount of their respective contributions.

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