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Consideration when Choosing High Visibility Clothing



Consideration when Choosing High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing is a standard requirement in different industries. Millions of people in various fields around the world use them.

HI VIS clothes are crucial in enhancing employees’ visibility and safety.

They are a regular requirement for workers, especially those in road works, heavy machine or truck operators, traffic controllers, etc. There are different types of HIS clothes.

And although they serve a similar role, HIV clothes are designed differently. Choosing suitable hi-vis clothes is challenging, especially buying for the first time.

Some consider the budget only; However, in addition to this, you must consider that the clothes meet the industry standards.

If you’re buying Hi-Vis clothing for the first time, read this article.

Explained below are the crucial elements to consider. This is to ensure you have the proper clothing. They include;

1. Examine your needs

Your needs will determine the type of PPE clothes to purchase. First, analyze the conditions under which the employees are working.

For example, consider buying high vis polo shirts if the workers need to be more visible on the upper torso.

 You can also pair them with visibility pants to enhance visibility. The most important thing is to ensure these clothes have extra high-lighting and fluorescent factors.

These are essential to improving workers’ safety by providing them with the highest visibility.

2. Brand

Compare and be aware of the different brands in the market. Do you know the best Hi-vis clothing manufacturer? Research on this aspect.

This way, you can buy your clothes from a reputable brand, trustworthy at manufacturing the best quality high-vis clothing.

First, check the company website. Here you’ll find the most recommended suppliers in your area. Then, read reviews, comments, testimonials, and other crucial details.

In addition, you can read comments, feedback, and testimonials from others. This way, you can identify a suitable supplier.

3. Consider the basic standards

Before buying hi-vis clothing, understand the basic standards as stipulated by the relevant authority. The most common include:

  • Class D: These clothes are designed for outdoor use during the day. They have fluorescent and other non-retro reflective high visibility materials.
  • Class D/N: This type can be used during the day and night. It has either fluorescent, retro-reflective features, or non-retro-reflective high visibility materials.
  • Class F: Such high-vis polo shirts are ideal for daily use.
  • Class N: This type of apparel is ideal for nighttime specifications.

4. Fit

When choosing your hi-vis apparel, ensure you buy the correct size. Ensure it is manageable. Instead, consider your body size to purchase the ideal garment.

Give Comfort priority. This type of clothing should be the right size to fit perfectly even when you wear it on top of other clothes.

In addition, you should consider coverage. Some large hi-vis clothes are more visible. However, others, like high-vis polo shirts, are smaller and more portable.

However, the type you buy depends on the project and the kind of coverage you need. Clothes with fluorescent strips all around offer perfect visibility all around.

Also, compare different manufacturers. This way, you purchase from the most affordable and someone that provides you with quality services.

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