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Common Types of Road Rollers That You See in Your Daily Life



Road rollers are vehicles that we see around being extensively used in the process of road construction. They can help compact foundations for large areas and are even used in landfill sites and agricultural farms.

The main use of the road rollers although is in the road construction industry where it is used for crushing, kneading, and by direct application of force using its large barrel-type drum wheels. The compaction pressure is such that the particles will not come out loose.

Depending on the type of industry you are in and the type of work you need to do there are different models of road rollers.

In this article, we are going to give you a synopsis of the type of road rollers. If you want to check out some of the models straight away then click on Radgeer.

Grid rollers

The tires of these road rollers are made out of cylindrical steel. The steel structure is arranged in the form of a wheel and the steel is arranged in a mesh-like fashion. These are used for ballasting concrete blocks. When towed it provides a high pressure directly on the area below but does minimum kneading action.

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These are commonly used for grinding and crushing coarse loose soil and grinding weathered rocks. This type of road roller is not ideal for use in clayey soils.

Smooth wheel road rollers

These are the common road rollers that you must have seen. They come in two different variants that are with one drum barrel at the front and another model where both the front and the back are made of drum rollers. The gross weight of these road rollers can be increased as high as up to 20 tones but normally you will find them at around the 6-10 ton range.

When you are buying such a road roller two things come up for consideration. The force is measured as force applicable per square centimeter or per square inch and the diameter of the roller. These are generally used for compaction. These are the road rollers that are used for finishing and providing a smooth surface on top of the roads.

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Pneumatic tire rollers

These provide the perfect kneading action which is needed in critical job sites. These are some of the most flexible rollers as they can work on different surfaces such as on both asphalt and aggregate surfaces. Even you can add ballast packages or remove them and ensure a roller that acts perfectly upon each type of surface.

These rollers provide a better static penetration on the surface. Even the weight of the machines can be adjusted depending on how much force is needed for doing a particular job. Check out the various types of pneumatic tire rollers on Radgeer.

Sheepsfoot rollers

These are also static vibration machines. They can easily be used for compacting finely grained clay and sand or gravel layer. The metal drums that are fixated on these rollers can easily apply up to 14 kilograms of force per square centimeter.

The wheelbase comes in different shapes and sizes such as spindle-shaped with a wide base, prismatic type, or a clubfoot type.

Further, the weight of the roller drums can be increased by heavy clays, silt clays, etc. You will see them be commonly employed in various types of road and railway projects. You will find various types of sheepsfoot rollers on Radgeer.

When ballasted with water or sand inside these can increase the weight of the drums and providing a much more compaction action.

Single drum rollers

As you can guess the front base of these rollers has a large drum wheel for providing compaction action. These are generally used in construction sites and road-building activities. The tires are sturdier and can easily prevent flats.

There are also different types of configurations depending on the type of compaction action you need. These are chosen and in high demand for their heavy-duty performance and their reliability to perform the task efficiently.

Double drum rollers

Generally, if the type of road construction of asphalt crushing activity is huge then instead of a single drum roller a double drum roller is used. As you can guess by the name, both the front and the rear sections of the rollers have ballasting type grinding and crushing drums.

But these come with more advanced features on them such as having vibration dampened platforms, swivel seats for better visibility, and sorted controls that allow the driver with more maneuverability and safety too.

Tamping rollers

Having a structure similar to sheepsfoot rollers these come with larger lugs area. The static pad foot can provide a force of up to 12 to 15 tones easily whereas the static drum rollers can apply a force of around 80 kg per square centimeter.

You will find that these types of rollers have a much more uniform action of compaction on the surface. These can also operate at high speeds and are capable of breaking large lumps. These are ideal for compacting clay of up to 30 or 40 millimeters in thickness.

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At the end of the day, it has to be said that the type of rollers is available in plenty but the exact model you need will vary based on the type of job you have in hand. Check out Radgeer if you want to find roller types of different varieties.


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