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Colombia’s Juank Cortavarría Motivates and Inspires People of all Ages

Colombia’s Juank Cortavarría motivates and inspires people of all ages.



Juank Cortavarría Motivates and Inspires People

We need to support talented people who are putting an impact on society with their work. If we start counting these people, who will see the ratio of young people is more as compared to older people. They are working in different fields, but they have a marvelous influence on their age groups, especially Juank Cortavarría.

There is a need to promote and provide opportunities to the motivational speakers to come forward and play their role in developing the economy. Today, we have an example of ultimate hard work and luck, Juank Cortavarría, who transforms himself into a brand. Let’s take a look at his life.

28 year-old Juank Cortavarría is from Barranquilla, Colombia and specialization in HR lecturer and Marketing. He is also a motivational speaker, ontology coach, and HR consultant of many companies

Juank Cortavarría is the name of the Latin American influencer, who starts working at the age of 18. When he starts his business, he was very young and expected to can’t deal with it, but he never leaves his way. Today, after his failure, he becomes a brand that will help you to reach your future goals.

According to Cortavarría:

“I am very happy with the growth and acceptance of the community, because I feel that it has been a team effort, where people take off their blindfolds and are thirsty for more,”

He thinks that people need to accept the change and make plans according to the situation, then there will be fewer chances of failure. There is no need to get please from others but put all the efforts in the establishment of yourself. He also speaks very clearly that

“You have to do things for yourself, and not to please someone else.”

He also promotes teamwork, and with the help of it, you can achieve any goal. But if you don’t have any management or establishing a team, then you can’t complete the simple project. So, the success is not the property of the owner, but it comes to him because of his team who support him in his work.

Moreover, you can follow him on Instagram @juankcortavarria and check his posts and pictures. You can also get a clue about the next conference that you can attend. You can also take his assistance for your business etc.

Last but not least, his motto is

“Soul, mind and heart, the perfect team to achieve success.”

If you want to run a successful business, you must understand the importance of teamwork. Moreover, there is also a need to accept the change and make plans according to the new condition. It is no harm to take the change because sometimes, it’s a need that we don’t understand.

So, keep listening to him and think about what he said about the business and work. Recently, he also engaged with many organizations and performed as an HR consultant. You can also find his previous speeches on YouTube.


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