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Brass Ball Valve

Brass Ball Valve: China being always popular for sourcing of good quality products at reasonably good pricing, it has been the hub for exports from some of the best manufacturers in a wide range of industry verticals. Apart from electronics and apparels, there is a great demand for plumbing products used in industrial and residential projects. One of the leading manufacturer of Brass valves is Yuhuan Hongda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd. Hongda valves are popular in their home country as well as abroad.

Hongda has been in this line of manufacturing since over 26 years and has vast experience in supplying the high quality brass/ steel/ stainless steel valve balls. The company is located in Chumen Town of Yuhuan City located in Zhejiang Province along the eastern coast of China.

Hongda valves are manufactured in a state of the art factory with latest processing equipments and uses advanced production technology to maintain and deliver high quality Hongda Valves. The manufacturing unit is spread across 6700 square meters of land and employs over 150 workers to handle the daily responsibilities.

Over 30 technical professionals oversee the production and manage the supplies to their new and old happy customers. Apart from this the company carries out all operations as per ISO9001 standards to keep up in the international markets.

Hongda Products

The products manufactured at Yuhuan Honda Sanitary Ware Co. Ltd are CE and ACS certified. There are Brass valves, brass bibcock, brass fittings and under these main categories there are further products with different sizes and specifications to match the customer’s requirements. There is custom design facility as well.

Valve Ball for Brass ball valves

Ball valve is the main part of a valve which allows or controls the flow of gas or liquid with the help of rotating ball having a bore. When the ball turns 90⁰ angles around its axis the fluid / gas can freely flow or can be blocked. Few of the advantages of ball valve are as follows:

  • Balls valves provide leak proof service,
  • They are smooth to operate, therefore, opening and closing is much easier,
  • They have an advantage of very small dimension as compared to gate valves,
  • They have an edge when we compare the functionality and flexibility of a globe valve or gate,
  • Valve. Hence, lesser amount of valves are needed,
  • They are lighter as compared to other valves,
  • It can regulate and maintain high volumes
  • Withstand high pressures and temperatures
  • It has a long life due to its rugged construction
  • The low maintenance and low purchase prices attract more customers

Hongda Ball valve

The company produces high quality Brass/ Steel / Stainless Steel Ball valve balls. Which can be categorized into two based on their characteristics of valve ball manufacturing, namely, roundness and the surface finish. As the ball valves are responsible for tight sealing of fluids and gasses it must be well designed and produced with great precision using the latest technology tools to ensure that each finished product is able to perform for its desired outcome.

A poor design, which can be poor chemical compatibility or faulty installation due to product defect will contribute to leakage and lead to frequent repairs or other hazardous situations especially when using it for harmful gasses.
The company ensures that the roundness of the ball is perfect so it can block the critical sealing areas. The surface of balls must be perfectly round and the surface finishing must be smoothest for easy functioning.

Hongda Valve Balls

The Hongda balls for valves come in different sizes starting from 1/8” to 4”. There are 12 models to choose from with a starting outer diameter of 12.7mm to 150mm, and inner diameter starts from 6mm to 100mm. The length ranges from 10.2 to 115.

The company accepts customization of balls too as per client’s demands. The balls are available in different metal compositions for a sturdy and long life. The balls are made of Brass, Steel or stainless steel. The individual unit is first packed in blister bags then packed in cartons and the in pallet and made ready for transportation.

Materials used for valve balls

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC, Chlorinated PVC, Brass and Bronze, iron or stainless steel are generally used in manufacturing Valve balls. The most popularly brass is used as it is a copper and zinc alloy, which make it very malleable and versatile than bronze alone.

Brass balls valve can be easily made through casting, heat extrusion, forging or even through cold drawing. The material naturally has a smooth finish which is most required for the ball to smoothly rotate to on and off the fluids.

With a long-standing in the local and international market Hongda valves are highly recommended by their customer base spread across different continents. For more details about the company, you can click here


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