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7 Tips For Finding the Best Remote Working Accommodation

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7 Tips For Finding The Best Digital Nomad Accommodation

Remote working and living the life of a digital nomad is different things that overlap in many instances. Therefore, finding the best accommodation is important if you’re looking to switch to remote working or live like a digital nomad. The type of accommodation will largely determine the success of your work efforts. So here are some best tips for finding a perfect digital nomad accommodation.

Make sure there’s good Wi-Fi

The accommodation of your choice should be equipped with Wi-Fi with fast and stable connectivity. After all, without the internet, you might as well work a totally offline job. As a remote worker, you’ll depend heavily on Wi-Fi.

So be sure to do a speed test run before you decide to move in. Generally, a good internet connection is anything between 50 and 100 Mbps. However, if you work with less than that, then feel free to choose that option.

7 Tips For Finding The Best Digital Nomad Accommodation

Check the noise levels

The noise can disrupt your workflow and make you less productive, often in critical moments. Therefore, if you’re planning to stay for a certain, longer period of time, then make sure to ask around about the regular noise levels. If there is a construction site nearby, chances are you’ll have to endure the noise for most of the day.

Then again, if the building you’re residing in is family-oriented, then chances are, you’ll have to put up with noisy children, so in that case, it’s better to choose a different residence. Peace and quiet are of huge importance, so if that’s your priority, then be sure to find an apartment not too close to a busy road, train station or construction site.

Location does play a big role

Location is crucial, especially if you prefer co-working spaces or check out other amenities such as coffee shops and restaurants. Also, if price matters to you, then remember that the location often dictates how much you’ll pay for your accommodation. If you live in Texas, you’re probably aware of everything close to you.

However, if you’re planning to relocate to work remotely, then check out furnished Midland apartments for rent, as this city is a nice place to retreat and do your job as a digital nomad. If you’re planning to travel and live in different places as a digital nomad, then it’s important to ensure that you choose the right location.

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Decide on whether you want to share or not

Having roommates, flatmates or housemates can be helpful; however, if you work all day and need absolute quiet, then it’s best to look for smaller studio apartments.

That way, you’ll be free to work without getting interrupted or disturbed by other people who have the exact same right to share the space with you, just because they pay rent. Yet, if you know someone reliable or have a partner or close friend, feel free to consider sharing with them.

Check out the facilities provided

The facilities such as garage parking, laundry room and air-conditioning are all hugely important, so be sure to check whether they’re included. If you’re going to work remotely during summer, it’s crucial to find a place with an air-conditioner or a ceiling fan.

In case you have a pet, be sure to check whether the place is pet-friendly. Security aspects are also important. The landlord or leasing company should answer all your questions regarding accommodation, rent payment and facilities.

7 Tips For Finding The Best Digital Nomad Accommodation

Access to natural light matters a lot

Having enough access to natural light is absolutely a must. Working in the office makes it harder to have access to natural light. However, when you work from home, you have more room to choose the space that will provide you with sunlight and, therefore, more energy and motivation. Sunlight is a big deal, so if you’re choosing a new accommodation, it’s important to find a place that can provide you with that. Natural light will also regulate your sleep, boost your mood and improve your health.

Find the space that has a separate work area

A home office is a dream come true for many remote workers. Therefore, if you have enough means, then find a space that has a separate work area. That will make it easier to work. If there isn’t much space, use the dining table or find a corner and turn it into a functional and comfortable workspace.


The beauty of the digital nomad lifestyle lies in the fact that you’re your own boss. These tips will help you find the perfect accommodation for remote working. As long as you focus on location, price and amenities, you’ll be able to work remotely productively and efficiently.

Written by Brigitte Evans

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