Benefits Of Tattoos For Mental Health



(CTN News) – Tattoos may draw criticism because of the possibility of skin infections and other problems, but experts claim that they may help you recover mentally and let go of previous experiences.

Here are a few advantages of having tattoos for your mental health.

The rationale behind tattooing According to Sunny Bhanushali, celebrity tattoo artist and owner of Aliens Tattoos, “people acquire tattoos for a variety of reasons — some for aesthetic, others for spiritual or personal development, and some to heal from previous traumas or experiences.”

Tattoos are significant in many psychological ways, considering the permanence and pain involved in the process, according to Dr. Rahul Khemani, Consultant Psychiatrist at Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road.

“People usually believe that tattoos are only made considering the aesthetic view or following the current trends, but it’s understood to be much more than that,” he says.

According to Dr. Khemani, people obtain tattoos as a process of self-realization, bodily identity expression, and acknowledging life progress.

The doctor adds that it is beneficial for people to keep their loved ones near after death as part of the mourning process.

It may be a way to take ownership of your scars and view them not as wounds but as badges of bravery that are a continual reminder of what you’ve endured, according to Sunny Bhanushali. “Getting a tattoos can help you cope with prior traumas that you haven’t been able to recover from,” she adds.

A tattoo is a very intimate and private experience, and getting a tattoo with a specific significance to you may aid in your recovery from prior traumas. You are mending both your body and psyche throughout the process.

It might be difficult and unpleasant to make your way through the procedure, but after it’s finished and healed, Bhanushali believes it will be a continual reminder of your strength.

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