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The Bed Set is the centre of your bedroom design, and finding the one to fit your style and needs is as important as finding the right place to call home. The process begins with examining your lifestyle and the function of the space. If you entertain often, perhaps you have a guest room or two. Are most of your friends – couples who can share a queen-sized bed? Or are they single, and it makes more sense to get two twin beds?

If you have young children, beds that adjust in size as they grow may be your best bet. If you are redoing a teen’s room, perhaps it’s time to update to a more adult look and size. An elderly family member may require a bed with an open frame to fit an adjustable base over a traditional foundation. Raising the head of the mattress makes getting in and out of bed easier for those with impaired mobility.

Can you use a little extra storage in the headboard? Maybe the bed itself should be equipped with drawers for more space. Be sure to measure your space because after you’ve settled on the bed’s function, it’s time to choose the right size.

Many of us have dreams of relaxing on a luxurious king-sized bed, but the reality is a full-sized bed works best in the room. Or maybe you’ve always wanted a canopy bed, but the ceiling height won’t allow it. It may be hard to sacrifice your dreams, but your bedroom must be a comfortable space where you can facilitate your lifestyle needs. A bed frame that takes up too much space isn’t practical, and over time you will become frustrated and no longer view the room as a refuge from the world.

The right bed can be the perfect welcome home gift to give yourself daily. The mattress you choose is an integral piece of the bed set. If you go website 1Stop Bedrooms – it has every comfort level of bed sets: from ultra-plush to firm, so you are sure to find the exact one for you. If you’re looking for a traditional inner-spring or a memory foam mattress, you will be able to choose from various options.

And don’t forget to keep the mattress safe from spills, dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, and more with one of the many mattress protectors. You can also encase pillows in breathable, waterproof protectors for extra protection.

Speaking of pillows, you will find a diverse selection of memory foam, gel, and body pillows to fit your unique sleeping needs. Decorative pillows to match the bamboo bed sheets and comforter you choose are also readily available. Just reach out to one of the designers waiting to answer any questions and guide you to the pieces that match your desired style.

You’ll find everything from chic to Bohemian to classic, and in the colour and material to match your décor. So, take advantage of the low-cost guarantee and free shipping on quality bed sets and accessories to enhance and update your look.


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