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Agriculture Minister Wants Thailand to Become the Worlds Food Bank



Agriculture Minister Wants Thailand to Become the Worlds Food Bank, Farm, Farmers

Thailand’s  Ministry of Agriculture has announced a policy to make Thailand the worlds food bank, thanks to the country’s high production capacity in the farming sector. Thailand can still supply global food demands, despite the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The Minister of Agriculture, Chalermchai Sreeon, delivered a speech at a meeting with 107 ambassadors and diplomats from 62 countries and international organizations based in Thailand.

The Minister reassured attendees that Thailand has not implemented any export ban on farm products. Thailand will continue to support international trade under the market mechanism. He also stressed that Thailand is ready to serve as a food bank for the world during COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Chalermchai revealed that the Thai government has put in place the 3S framework, comprising Safety, Security, and Sustainability.

On the safety aspect, the manufacturing of organic farm products must follow safety protocols. Such as the GAP and GMP standards. The government is also encouraging farmers to implement new technologies. Above all to enable traceability in all manufacturing processes. Furthermore to instilling greater confidence among consumers.

Farmers are encouraged to implement technology

On security, the government has introduced the Market-led Manufacturing principle. It will control costs and improve farmers yields. Also helping farmers to have better livelihoods and higher income. Projects have been initiated to develop farming organizations further and new generations of farmers on new skills. Such as online marketing for their farmed products and Food verification (먹튀검증).

On sustainability, the government is promoting a more sustainable approach for manufacturing resource management, adding small, medium and large water reservoirs, and tackling illegal fishing, to promote sustainable fishing. Farmers are encouraged to implement new technologies, which will help improve the Thai farming sector’s competitiveness on the global stage.

Last year Thailand banned the use of two chemicals that are highly dangerous to public health. The ban could boost the sustainability of Thailand’s farm sector and also leverage food safety standards.

The National Hazardous Substances Committee latest decision on the matter does not guarantee the end of both toxic chemicals. Lobby groups and agrochemical importers have resisted the ban. Seeking help from the Administrative Court.

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