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Advice on Renting out Apartments in Hyderabad



Apartments in Hyderabad

Apartments in Hyderabad: Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana is one of the popular cities in the country. Besides tourists, job seekers and students visit this place to seek better opportunities. It also supports budding entrepreneurs in all sectors, mostly the IT (Information Technology) sector. Being a large city along with Secunderabad city, getting accommodation here can be quite confusing. This is because there are lots of accommodations easily available here. Many property owners have converted their homes into rental apartments to meet the influx of outsiders coming to the city in huge numbers.

First-time rental accommodation tips to follow

  • Gross Square Feet: Real estate practice in Hyderabad is quite almost similar to that of other cities in the country. Apartment space is generally measured in total gross square feet. This actually provides potential renters with the illusion of having a large-sized apartment. The apartment’s gross square feet are termed to be the total covered area. It also includes allocated portions of the common areas like the main lobby, lift, management office, clubhouse, etc. Hence, apartments located in diverse common areas, cannot be compared simply by using the advertised gross floor area. Hence, it will be useful to measure and compare the properties by saleable area. It includes the balcony, however, not common areas. Remember, the saleable area ratio to that of gross floor area is likely to be approximately 70% to 83%. If you find the above terms to be quite confusing, then simply visit the place in person and find out the size of the unit. Otherwise, take the help of your family member or friend to know the area that you get with the apartment you rent out. Remember, you do need a comfortable place to stay, stretch your body and relax. It should not be extremely compact such that you find it difficult to move around or find obstacles on just keeping a couple of essential pieces of furniture inside.

  • A high up apartment means higher space efficiency: When space efficiency is concerned, the higher the apartment located in a building, the better it is likely to be. The covered area is considered to be the apartment’s gross floor area that unfortunately, includes all areas that are consumed by its structural walls. Higher-up apartments in the building will mean thinner load-bearing structural walls. This is because less building will require support and provide more living space.
  • Fitting and curtains: Some apartments are rented out on an ‘as is basis. It might not have the necessary furniture and fittings or curtains. This means you are to bear the investment of buying and installing them for use. But such unfurnished 1bhk flats for rent in Hyderabad are quite budget-friendly. Also are available furnished apartments with bedding, furniture, fan, AC, lights, etc. You just need to shift into them and enjoy your daily activities. But such apartments are a bit costly. However, the kind of luxury that you can derive from the furnished apartment is worth the try and effort. Also, you do not have to indulge in any extra expenses, since everything comes fitted and ready to be used. The best apartments also have in place refrigerators and washing machines allowing you to enjoy life to the fullest.

What is desired in a rental apartment in Hyderabad?

You need first do thorough research on the city and find out the prevailing rental rates there. Being new to the city, you can take help from Google, various apartment rental portals or any friend who have already visited the city before or is currently staying there. Proper research with patience will enable you to ensure deriving an apartment that is worth the stay and investment.

You will need to find out a few related costs. It includes the amount of deposit charged by the potential property owners including other charges like water, electricity, etc. Generally, most owners take an advance amount of one month rent, two- or three months rental deposit, half month rental commission for real estate agents and Stamp Duty.

When documentation is concerned, you will be required to provide a copy of your Aadhar Card, Driving License, Office joining certificate, Passport or other valid documents. The landlord is sure to ask them for address proof, an employment contract for proof of employment, etc.


It is the duty of the property owner to ensure that the apartment allotted to you comes with electricity, power and water. Some apartments also offer generator facilities if there is frequent load shedding. You may find cable TV fitted on the hall for entertainment purposes. Wi-Fi is the latest addition that is either provided for free or for a low flat fee. The contract involves a specific term. If ending it prematurely, then you will be required to pay some penalty charges.

Choosing apartments like stanzaliving is sure to give you peace of mind, satisfaction and immense happiness.


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