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10 Style Tips Every Man Needs to Know

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10 Style Tips Every Man Needs to Know

It’s been said that fashion trends circle back every 20 years. While fashion will never die, learning how to be fashionable is another story.

Most people haven’t got a clue for how to put an outfit together. Sometimes you’ll see someone and wonder if they even own a mirror.

All jokes aside, there are certain style tips you will want to incorporate into your daily routine.

This couldn’t be truer for most men. Thankfully, we’re here to help. If this rings true for you as a man, be sure to read our guide below.

1. Your Personal Style

When it comes to style tips, the first piece of advice we have to offer is that not all pieces will work for all men. You need to hone in on your personal style and let that shine through.

You need to find things that exemplify your personality. Scroll through men’s fashion magazines to get some inspiration. You could even go people-watching to get some ideas too.

Once you create your own style, the sky is the limit to what you can do.

2. Invest in Timeless Wardrobe Pieces

Find a few staples and you’ll never go out of style. You want to establish a stable base in your wardrobe. This means having a few basic t-shirts, jeans, chinos, a few sweaters, and sneakers.

Once you have the basics down, find a classic blazer and a navy suit for more formal get-togethers. Look sharp with a pair of leather dress boots to round out your basics.

3. Find Your Fit

One of the best style tips we have to offer is finding your fit. This goes for color, material, and details.

You might seek out designer brands that offer amazing “swag”, but if they don’t fit right you’ll never feel yourself.

Spend time at the store to make sure you are happy when you get home. Check yourself out in multiple mirrors and ask the associates if what you’re wearing looks attractive.

4. Know Your Brands

Not all brands will fit your body the exact same way. This is why you need to experiment and find brands you can rely on.

Whatever your budget, you ought to find a few brands and styles you fancy. This will make the shopping experience that much more rewarding in the long run.

Have brands that are of high quality so that they’ll last a lifetime. Men’s fashion is often made from higher-end materials, so don’t be too concerned if the price is high.

5. Tailor Your Clothes

Knowing what to wear only works if you know how to wear it. This means that you should tailor your clothes. While you may associate tailoring with suits only, we suggest tailoring your entire wardrobe.

Think of tailoring as a cost-effective way to personalize your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to shop at thrift stores as you’ll often find just what you’re after. The selection may even surprise you!

When you find something you like, head to the tailor for the modern fit you desire. Most pants will require tailoring to achieve the perfect fit.

Once you find a tailor you trust, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one before.

6. Dress for the Occasion

Men’s fashion is all about knowing how to dress for the occasion. Formal events call for a suit. Black tie events call for a tuxedo.

The good news is that these events are rare, so renting a tux is never a bad decision.

You always want to be prepared for the appropriate dress code.

For example, with business casual, you’ll want to wear basic button-downs and chinos.

7. Wear Classic Shirts

Sometimes you will be in a hurry. This is why we recommend having a slew of classic shirts.

Other than t-shirts, go for a navy chambray or plaid flannel shirt. A semi-formal event calls for a white or blue Oxford-cloth button-down.

Neutral spread collar shirts pair well with a blazer or suit jacket for more formal occasions.

You want your dress shirts to hug you without being too tight or loose. First master the basics before you move on to trendy riffs.

8. Buy a Blazer

When unsure of what to wear for those in-between (casual and formal) events, go with a blazer. It is a great bridge between the two worlds. You can either dress it up or dress it down.

When learning how to be fashionable with a blazer, know that they are meant to be worn with mismatched pants.

For style tips, go with a plain T-shirt, slim pants, and sneakers. You could even opt for dark denim and a sweater for a classic casual vibe.

When you want to dress up your look, go for a crisp pair of chinos, a buttoned-down shirt, and a pair of Oxfords. The look will work no matter the season.

9. Find a Great Suit

When it comes to style tips, you’ll want to find a great suit for your wardrobe. A well-fitted navy suit is more versatile than a black one.

Men’s fashion is all about finding something timeless. Think of your suit as an investment for the future.

Go for a classic two-button jacket and pants with a mild taper and single break. Make sure to have it tailored so the cut it just right.

10. Shop for Quality Shoes

When learning how to be stylish, you won’t get too far without a decent pair of shoes. You want to have at least one pair of formal shoes such as Oxfords. Make sure they are quality leather.

Casual events call for white sneakers that go with just about any outfit. We recommend checking out the Yeezy collection.

For semi-formal occasions, opt for a Chelsea boot or loafers.

These Style Tips Make the Man

When you follow these style tips, you’ll be well on your way to looking and feeling good. You’ll notice a boost in your confidence too. This feeling cannot be replaced.

When you look good, you feel good. You will begin to attract other people. Make sure you back it up with your personality too.

As men’s fashion trends are always changing, you’ll want to stay in the loop. Do so right here on our blog.

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