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Thailand’s Strict Ban on Casino’s and Gambling

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Following the standard policy of other South-East Asian countries, Thailand is also quite well-known for their strict anti-gambling laws and has placed a full ban on most gambling activities – excluding their state lottery and horse racing.

This means that all other forms of gambling and Casino‘s in Thailand are illegal, this includes: poker, casinos, sports betting and bingo. Locals also enjoy betting on cockfighting and bullfighting, while these activities are illegal to gamble on too.

Lovers of the game

Despite Thailand’s strict gambling ban, the gambling industry is still flourishing and a large portion of it comes from the underground industry. It may be quite surprising to hear that their annual revenues earned from their gambling industry are about $6 billion. While gambling operations are essentially banned, this hasn’t stopped locals from part-taking in gambling activities which remain attractive to them.

What about online gambling?

While land-based laws are very strict and clear, online gambling is still a topic of discussion as there is no specific legislation outlined concerning it. This means that it likely will fall under “common case” and is also considered to be an illegal activity. As it stands, the Thai Government has no licenses for hosting casino or gambling websites.

Despite this, Thai locals still make use of foreign&new online casinos such as those found on New Casinos Finder, where the Thai government has no jurisdiction, and gambling websites to place wagers on various sports and play their favorite games.

Still being monitored

However, this does not mean that the Thai government have not been monitoring the online gambling situation. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology monitors the situation.

With foreign gambling websites along with a particular state agency which operates under the Ministry.

This agency works to red-flag any telephonic numbers which appear to be involved in any acts of illegal gambling. Since land-based gambling operations are easier to monitor, they remain the primary focus of the Government Anti-gambling Policy.

New casino sites

Across the board, there are currently many international online casinos and gambling sites that accept Thai players.

Making it quite difficult for the Thai government to monitor and keep an eye on their many citizens. Thai citizens who want to gamble online can easily search for new casino sites who will accept them as players.

Hints of change

While the gambling laws in Thailand are well established and quite stringent. There are hints that they may become more flexible in some time to come.

We say this because they have only quite recently introduced the state lottery system (in 2003) and since its introduction. There has been a major drop in the number of illegal lotteries as black-market operators struggled to attract new customers.

If the Thai government can recognize that by making gambling and online gambling legal, they can better control the industry and stop the black-market from thriving. We believe that they will begin to consider doing so.

However in the meantime, their focus remains on monitoring the situation and finding more efficient methods of controlling the web and VPN use in their country.




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