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Thai Restaurant Owners Celebrate 24 Million Baht Lottery Win with ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’ Ceremony



Thai Restaurant Owners Celebrate 24 Million Baht Lottery Win with 'Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat' Ceremony

(CTN News) – Udom Kanmuang and his wife Noi, owners of the renowned ‘Ban Por Kamnan Seafoods restaurant, recently celebrated their extraordinary thai lottery win of 24 million baht.

The couple attributes their good fortune to their unwavering belief in ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’, a revered figure in Thai folklore. This article delves into their story and the grand ceremony to honor the mythical deity.

The Belief in ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’ and Daily Prayers

Udom and Noi’s lottery ticket number was based on their parliamentary election number, a fact known to many. However, their secret belief in ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’ remained largely unknown. Noi would diligently pray to the statue of this mythical figure, located in the restaurant’s pond, every day around 11am.

Their prayers were focused on winning the thai lottery, and while they had won smaller prizes in the past, the draw on May 16, 2023, granted them their substantial victory.

Special Ceremony and Offerings Dedicated to ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’

Udom and Noi organized a special ceremony in honor of ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’ to express their gratitude and devotion. Employees from their restaurant and neighboring villagers attended the event, which featured elaborate offerings and heartfelt prayers.

Three boxes of offerings were placed in front of the deity’s statue, each bearing the numbers 117 and 34, unknowingly matching the winning digits of the lottery prize.

The Couple’s Unwavering Faith and Future Lottery Prospects

Udom and Noi’s unshakable belief in the power of ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’ inspires wonder among many. As they bask in their newfound fortune, people wonder whether their luck will persist in future lottery draws. The couple’s conviction in the mythical figure’s influence on their lives remains steadfast.

Celebration and Gratitude Towards Restaurant Staff

Feeling immensely fortunate, Udom decided to close the restaurant for the day to celebrate with their dedicated staff. This gesture allowed them to express their gratitude for the employees’ hard work. Udom and Noi arranged for 50 dancers to perform as part of the festivities, adding to the joyous atmosphere and celebratory mood.


Udom Kanmuang and Noi’s remarkable lottery win of 24 million baht has captivated many. Their deep faith in ‘Por Pu Sian Anan Nakarat’ and daily prayers significantly impacted their success.

The couple’s commitment to their beliefs, expressed through the special ceremony and offerings, exemplifies their unwavering devotion. As they revel in their newfound wealth, the question remains whether their extraordinary luck will continue to shine in future lottery draws.

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