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What Are You Looking For In Greenhouse Grow Lights?



What Are You Looking For In Greenhouse Grow Lights?

What Are You Looking For In Greenhouse Grow Lights? – In the greenhouse, if you want your plants to really thrive, you need to pay special attention to ensure the brightness and temperature in your greenhouse.

In fact, your efforts are to give plants a good environment so that they can maximize photosynthesis. Then there are some points you want to look for in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse grow lights should be durable, energy-saving, and cover a wider area than those designed for indoor plants. In addition, they should have the option of being used alone or daisy-chained together to easily and effectively cover a wider area.

Greenhouse LED grow light or light is the key component of photosynthesis and the normal growth of greenhouse plants. The demand for light may vary from plant species to plant species, or even from variety to variety.

Successful greenhouse growers will pay attention to the various crops planted in the greenhouse and their respective lighting requirements, and ensure that the plants have sufficient spacing to receive the available light.

All other plant needs can be met in the greenhouse, but unless the light is carefully evaluated and managed, the plants will not grow normally, and the yield will decrease or fail completely.

What Specifications Are You Looking For?

As a general suggestion, choose best LED grow lights for greenhouse with a color temperature in the blue range (5,000-7,000K) to promote vegetative growth, and a color temperature in the red range (3,500-4,500K) to promote fruiting and flowering. Visible light spectrum. The wavelength in nm.

Now, professional horticulture LED lights suppliers can provide you with full spectrum. You can check their products to choose the one that suits you best.

How Many Greenhouse Grow Lights Do You Need In Your Greenhouse?

This varies with crop types and greenhouse layouts. A good greenhouse lighting plan will provide the best light for plants, and at the same time ensure that you won’t waste energy lighting non-planting areas.

A good place to start with lighting is to plan to install a 1,000-watt HPS plant grow light every 64 square feet of space. You should learn how many watts LED grow lights use to choose the right one for your plants.

This 8 ft x 8 ft area should be enough and multiply it to determine a good starting point for your specific space. If it’s just supplementary lighting, you can use an HPS lamp in every 10ft x 10ft area (100ft).

What Are The Requirements For The Lighting?

  • Know how much sunshine you have available;
  • Know how long it took you;
  • Know you need to try which crops to plant.

Usually, the greenhouse needs at least six hours of full-spectrum illumination or direct sunlight every day. Therefore, if there is not enough sunlight to supply plants in your greenhouse, then you need to use the grow light for greenhouse.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Greenhouse Grow Lights?

  • Energy use can be reduced by up to 75%.
  • The service life of the diode is much longer than that of the traditional bulb, so the maintenance cost is lower.
  • Flexible lighting adjustment. They can be dimmed or turned on immediately.
  • It can be used at various temperatures to ensure color accuracy.
  • Fixing devices can be placed close to plants to improve efficiency.
  • Reduce wire size and associated wire costs.

Where Is The Most Appropriate Place To Install Greenhouse Grow Lights?

This depends on the layout of crops and their respective light level and uniformity goals, and it will determine how far apart the lights should be and how close they should be to your plants.

The fixed device must be hung in such a way that the shadow of the light is minimized, and the light evenly and unimpeded covers the crops.

How Much Electricity Does It Take?

As a professional light bulb, it can bring a lot of light energy to plants, so naturally, you will think that it needs a lot of electricity.

Indeed, commercial growers with thousands of plants to care for may incur huge electricity costs.

But for ordinary indoor gardeners or small indoor greenhouses, the monthly cost of running a single greenhouse LED grow light with medium power may be as low as one or two dollars per month.

Service Time

It seems obvious but compared with lighting the lamp for 6 hours a day, lighting the lamp for 12 hours a day will consume twice the energy.

Power Consumption

Some small greenhouse grow lights are quite low in power, and only 10 watts are used when they are used. Others can easily consume 100 watts or more (ten times).


What are you looking for in the greenhouse? Perhaps this article has given you some answers.

I believe that with the help of greenhouse grow lights, you can plant better. You should know that it is effective after knowing the lighting requirements, even if it needs to consume your electricity.

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