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Top 5 Benefits Of Electric Car Insurance



Top 5 Benefits Of Electric Car Insurance

Top 5 Benefits Of Electric Car Insurance –  Since the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) into the car industry, many people have opted for this more advanced and technologically unique way of driving.

Along with this, comes the need to find the right insurance for your EV – and behold, we have electric car insurance.

So, if you’re wanting to know about the benefits of taking out an EV insurance policy, then read on.

Also, if you want to find the best insurance provider who offers EV drivers bonus coverages for the best premiums, check out Lemonade Car electric vehicle insurance.

1. Discounts for greener driving

One benefit of taking out an EV insurance policy is that you can receive a discount for simply driving this more environmentally friendly type of car.

The mechanics behind electric vehicles can vary depending on the type, but one thing commonly found with all of them, is they significantly reduce the number of harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions released into the atmosphere, compared to gas vehicles.

Therefore, to encourage more drivers to purchase these greener, more planet-friendly cars, EV insurance policies can give you discounted premiums for your electric car.

A more advanced and sustainable way of driving, paired with cheaper insurance premiums – what’s not to love?

2. Savings on low mileage

When you take out an EV insurance policy, you can also benefit from lowered premiums when you reduce your car mileage.

It’s a well-known fact, especially among insurers, that the more frequently you drive your car, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident.

Therefore, insurers will track your car mileage, and increase your premiums if you drive more often.

Therefore, if you simply lower your car mileage – maybe only drive if absolutely necessary, but opt for other transport methods if possible – you can receive cheaper premiums on your EV car policy.

3. Cheaper premiums for car safety

Another benefit of EV insurance is that the cars have a higher level of safety and security, and therefore, warrant lower premiums from your insurer.

When driving an EV, you’re statistically less likely to be involved in a car accident, since the cars are much safer to drive. This is due to things such as their designs, technological driving features, and various other details.

As well as this, EVs have more advanced security systems than gas cars, so they’re less likely to be stolen.

This all allows your insurer to offer lower car premiums since the chances of an accident or car theft are significantly reduced.

4. Coverage for electric car components

You can also benefit from extensive coverage with your EV insurance, that not only covers your vehicle, but any additional components you might need for your car.

The majority of EVs need to be charged at either a charging station or through an applicable power outlet, using an EV charging. You can even have charging stations installed in your home.

Needless to say, these are both expensive and important components of your car, and it’s important to have them covered – and this is exactly what EV insurance does.

You can have your home charging station, as well as any portable chargers and other components, included in your insurance coverage.

5. Roadside assistance included

Just like with gasoline in standard cars, there’s always the possibility of your EV running out of charge whilst you’re out.

In this instance, you’d need to have roadside assistance sent out to you, so you can be towed to the nearest charging station to top up your car.

With EV insurance, you can have this covered, so you won’t need to pay extra for any tows to a charging station – speak to your insurance provider for the specifics of your policy.

With all the benefits offered by EV insurance, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take out this policy for your electric car.

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