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Tips for Applying for a U.S Visitor’s Visa



Tips for Applying for a U.S Visitor’s Visa

Tips for Applying for a U.S Visitor’s Visa

Wear formal clothing

Your appearance should convey who you are. You should look like a student if you are a student, and if you are an executive manager, you should dress accordingly.

Body language

Your body should convey friendliness.

Arrive early

You do not want to be tardy for your visa interview because you are held in traffic.

Be self-aware and stay focused

The visa officer may casually rephrase questions to see if your answers will contradict the information on your application.

Before responding, make sure that you understand what the visa officer is asking you.

If you are unsure about what is being asked, politely request that the question be repeated. Do not answer questions immediately without thinking about the answer you will give.

Do not be nervous

Showing signs of nervousness or trembling can contribute to visa denial. Be confident. The more prepared you are for your interview, the more confident you will feel. Smile upon meeting the visa officer and look directly into the eyes of the visa officer while speaking.

Provide a proper response to questions

Make your responses short, clear, to-the-point and in a loud and clear voice. Do not overshare or initiate irrelevant conversations. Oversharing or mistakenly giving unnecessary information that may lead to your rejection.

Ensure when responding to the visa officer, you provide accurate answers to the questions asked. All the information that you provided in your interview are computerized and maintained. The next time you go for an interview, you should not change your information.

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