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The Personal Injury Guide: Common Causes of Medical Negligence Cases



Medical Negligence Cases

Being failed by a medical practitioner can have a devastating impact on your long-term health. These are some of the common causes of medical negligence cases.

Did you know that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the US, with about 251,000 deaths every year? That’s right; you’re more likely to die from medical error than from the disease or injury you have. A shocking fact, but a fact nonetheless.

No one ever expects to be a victim of medical negligence, but the sad reality is that medical negligence cases happen all too often. But what causes this medical negligence, and is there anything I can do about it?

We’re glad you asked, and we have all the answers you need right here. In today’s post, we’ll discuss the most common causes of medical negligence cases and what to do when you become a victim of medical negligence. But first, what is medical malpractice or negligence?

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice or negligence is defined as any act or omission by a healthcare professional that deviates from the accepted standard of medical care and causes harm to the patient. They can be punished with the help of medical negligence solicitors in Ireland.

There are many different types of medical malpractice cases, but they all have one thing in common: the healthcare professional’s negligence led to the patient being harmed in some way.

Cases of malpractice are pretty rampant in the US, but thankfully, victims can file medical malpractice claims and get the compensation they deserve.

What Causes Medical Negligence Cases?

While medical professionals undergo years of intensive training and education, they’re not immune to mistakes. Unfortunately, these mistakes end up causing a lot of harm to the patients.

Some common causes of medical negligence include:

Misdiagnosis or Delayed Diagnosis

One of the most common causes of medical negligence is misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis. This can happen when a doctor fails to properly diagnose a patient’s condition, leading to the patient not getting the proper treatment they need in a timely manner.

Misdiagnosis can also occur when a doctor diagnoses a patient with the wrong condition. This can be as harmful as not getting a diagnosis at all because the patient will end up receiving treatment for a condition they don’t have, which can do more harm than good.

Surgical Errors

Surgical errors happen when a surgeon operates on the wrong body part or leaves a foreign object inside the patient’s body. In some cases, surgeons may make an incision in the wrong place. This also counts as a surgical error.

Surgical errors can be extremely harmful to patients and often lead to life-long complications. In some cases, surgical errors can even be fatal.

Use of Defective Medical Equipment

Medical professionals use all sorts of equipment to diagnose and treat patients. From X-ray machines to MRI machines, these pieces of equipment are essential for providing quality care.

But what happens when this equipment is defective? In some cases, the defect can be so minor that it doesn’t cause any harm. However, in other cases, the defect can be major and cause serious injury or even death to the patient.

One example of this is when a metal hip replacement fails. If the metal hip replacement was defective, it could break and cause serious harm to the patient.

Medication Errors

Medication errors happen when a patient is given the wrong medication or the wrong dosage of medication. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as

  • The doctor prescribing the wrong medication
  • The pharmacist giving the patient the wrong medication
  • The nurse giving the patient the wrong dosage of medication

These errors can be extremely harmful to patients and can lead to death. However, it’s worth noting that an overdose by the patient isn’t a medication error. However, overdose by a nurse or pharmacist is.

Childbirth Injuries

Childbirth injuries are some of the most common types of medical malpractice cases. There are many different types of childbirth injuries that can occur, such as:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erb’s palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Spinal cord damage

These injuries occur when nurses use excessive force during delivery or fail to properly monitor the baby’s heart rate. Sometimes, the surgeon delays in performing a cesarean section. Childbirth injuries can be extremely harmful to both the mother and the child and can sometimes be fatal.

Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia errors occur when the anesthesiologist doesn’t properly monitor the patient’s vital signs or gives the patient too much or too little anesthesia. In some cases, the patient wakes up during surgery, which can be extremely painful.

In severe cases, it may lead to organ failure or brain damage, sometimes even death. Thankfully, most anesthesia errors only cause mild to moderate harm.

Victim of Medical Negligence? What next?

If you’re a victim of medical negligence, you might be wondering what to do next. Here are a few steps to follow if you suspect medical malpractice.

Keep It to Yourself

Most people have the impulse to complain to a healthcare institution the moment they notice medical malpractice. Resist this urge because it may jeopardize your case. Also, avoid posting anything on social media, or it may do the same.

The best thing to do is to keep it to yourself or tell only your close friends and family. However, you can talk to your therapist because they’re more confidential about personal affairs.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

It’s best to seek legal advice as soon as possible after you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice. A lawyer will give you sound advice on how to approach the situation. They may also be able to help you get compensation for your injuries.

You can find a personal injury lawyer by searching online or in the Yellow Pages. Alternatively, you can click for personal injury lawyers here. Just make sure you do your homework on the lawyer in question to get the best one for the job.

It’s worth noting that in California and Ohio, you only have one year to file a medical malpractice suit. Fail to meet this deadline, and your case will be null and void.

You Deserve Compensation for Medical Malpractice

Now that you know the causes of medical negligence cases, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer if you suspect medical malpractice on yourself or your loved ones. Remember, you have a right to compensation for any negligence by a medical practitioner during a treatment.

Hire a qualified personal injury lawyer and get the compensation you deserve. Don’t forget to check out the other posts for more informative reads.


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