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Need help from a Private Investigator in Thailand?

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Many people that visit Thailand ultimately find themselves entering into romantic relationships or being tempted by potential business ventures during their time in the Kingdom. When it comes to making life changing decisions, and especially if you are parting with money, we believe it makes sense to protect your interests by performing checks beforehand.

Thailand private investigators can help to check and verify information which is presented to you, allowing you to make informed decisions and ultimately protecting your money and time.

Private investigators in Thailand provide an effective service and can help you to avoid being taken advantage of, or falling victim to a scam.

Background checks in Thailand

Background checks can help to check a number of different factors, including a subject’s lifestyle, employment, relationships, marriage/divorce history, property, vehicles, criminal record, family, and more.

Thai girlfriend background checks are popular; whether they are used as a premarital check or in order to verify your partner’s story before taking the relationship to another level or providing financial support.

Of course, romantic background checks can also be performed on boyfriends, fiancés, ladyboys, and in many other cases.

Employment background screening in Thailand

If you need to hire candidates from Thailand, then Bangkok Investigators can help to check the integrity of your prospective employees through employment background screening.

Employment background screening can help to protect your business from nefarious individuals and to verify candidates’ credentials before you choose to hire them.

Whether you need a premarital background check for your Thai partner, or employment background screening in Thailand, Bangkok Investigators have experience in conducting background checks for private and corporate clients around the globe.

If you are interested in potentially running a background check on a Thai person, then please click through to the Bangkok Investigators website for more information or to request a free quote.

Cheating partner investigations in Thailand

If you suspect that your partner could be cheating on you in Thailand, then it is often the case that only by hiring a private investigator will you be able to uncover the truth of what is really going on.

Whether your partner is spending time in Thailand’s famous night life areas, or potentially having a long-term affair behind your back, Bangkok Investigators have experience in discreetly conducting all forms of infidelity investigation across Thailand.

Bangkok Investigators offer free, no pressure quotes for all work. Fees for infidelity surveillance can depend on the exact location (the district/subdistrict), and the circumstances surrounding the case. Please tell us about your case with as much details as possible and we will endeavour to offer you the best and most cost-effective solution possible.

Business due diligence in Thailand

Performing suitable due diligence is a wise endeavour when conducting business anywhere in the world, and especially in Thailand. Using a corporate private investigator to conduct checks on your behalf has the potential to help you avoid making a costly mistake.

Bangkok Investigators can help to complete corporate investigations and accept instructions from private/corporate clients based in Thailand and around the globe.

Finding missing people in Thailand

If you need to find a person in Thailand, this is another area where only a private investigator might be able to assist.

Finding people can prove to be difficult, and this is especially true in Thailand. If you would like an investigator to consider your case and see how they are able to help you then please get in touch with us; remember to include all relevant information and details – such as any information you hold on the subject, who the subject is, and why you are searching for them.

One of our experienced team will consider your case and offer a quote if we are able to help.

For more information

Please visit the Bangkok Private Investigators website for more information or to request a quote. All contact with us is strictly private and confidential.


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