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How to Choose Fleet Maintenance Software



How to Choose Fleet Maintenance Software

How to Choose Fleet Maintenance Software – When you own or manage a fleet of vehicles, you need to know how efficient your operations are at all times.

To gain this insight you need access to actionable data that you can use to make decisions.

The best way to get this information is by using fleet management software.

The benefits of using fleet management software

A good fleet maintenance management application will reduce the burdens you face while managing your fleet. It will reduce your costs, automate processes, and streamline company workflows.

With regard to data, the software will present you with data in a way that is meaningful to you that wouldn’t be easily seen with manual methods.

This data will help you manage things like inventory control, fuel inefficiency, safety gaps, and you may even identify opportunities to improve customer satisfaction.

If you’re looking for good fleet software to achieve these results, you’ll want to look for an application that offers the following features and benefits.

1. Maintenance and diagnostics

Do you know how much money your company spends on repairs, maintenance, parts, and more?

Whether it’s from an accident, routine maintenance, or scheduled downtime, you need to know how much money is being spent. You also need a way to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Good fleet management software makes it easy to stay on top of maintenance so you won’t be caught off guard by issues that could have been prevented.

You may even be able to find software that will connect with each vehicle’s OBD port to give you critical information like coolant temperature, fuel usage, and battery voltage.

2. Work order management

Your fleet technicians are busy people, and managing work orders, tasks, and inspections is much easier with software.

The best software will help you increase productivity and ROI by automating task tracking, creating service reminders, automatically scheduling preventive maintenance, provide technicians with all relevant vehicle information while they’re being repaired, and more.

Automating workflow components is one of the top reasons companies use software to manage their fleet. Automation is one of the best benefits today’s software has to offer.

3. GPS tracking system

A GPS tracking system for your fleet will show you where each vehicle is at all times on a map.

In addition to being able to track lost or stolen vehicles, having GPS tracking on your fleet vehicles is essential for several reasons.

First, if you’re running a fleet of delivery vehicles, you can use your GPS-tracked locations to show customers a real-time update on where their packages are located.

This is a relatively new feature some companies offer their customers, but it’s quickly becoming an expectation.

Second, some applications allow you to create ‘geofences,’ which are predefined areas, and you’ll get an alert if a vehicle moves out of this area. This will help you see if drivers are sticking to their routes or driving around wasting fuel.

4. Hours of Service (HOS) compliance

For vehicle fleets governed by HOS regulations, it’s essential to have an accurate record of your drivers’ hours.

While your drivers can use hand-written log books, and are sometimes required to by law, it’s also important to have an automatically generated backup source of that same data.

If your drivers fall out of compliance, you’ll know immediately, and you can discuss the matter with them to remedy the situation. This will help you avoid hefty regulatory fines and other penalties for non-compliance.

5. Warranty reimbursement tracking

Most warrantable opportunities go unrecovered because they’re somewhat hard to track. When you have software telling you where your warrantable opportunities are, it’s easy to pursue reimbursement claims.

Each of your vehicles in your fleet will have warranties that cover different parts and repairs.

Newer vehicles will be covered by a general manufacturer’s warranty, while others might have warranties on certain parts that have been replaced.

Manually tracking the expiration date and details for all of these warranties is difficult, but with software, all the information is available.

When you need to perform a repair, for example, the system will tell you if that repair should be under warranty.

Some repairs may only be a few hundred dollars, but you shouldn’t pay out of pocket for something covered under warranty. Over time, pursuing even small reimbursements will add up to big amounts.

Take your time to choose the right software

Choosing the right fleet maintenance management software takes time.

Sign up for free trials and demos whenever possible before committing to one application. Not all applications are user-friendly, so it’s important to test them before you buy.

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