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Complete Guide to Divorce When You Have a Toddler

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Getting divorced is one of the most stressful processes an individual can go through but it is even tougher when kids are involved. If finding a common language with a schoolboy or a teenage girl seems to be not that hard, communicating and explaining such an event to a toddler is a truly hard nut to crack. In this guide, we will provide you with the most effective tips on how to deal with divorce and stay a good parent to your daughter or son. Divorce with a child will be easier if you follow them.

Have a plan

Before you even start filling out your uncontested divorce forms NY pdf, consider setting up a plan you will be following for the next few months. Since divorce is a prolonged event that you will have to deal with for at least three-six months, you need to plan your time to be able to work, meet with lawyers, collect and file documents, visit the court, occasionally communicate with your partner, stay physically active, and, of course, care about your toddler. Without a proper schedule, you are likely to feel burned out soon and screw up your divorce procedure.

Consider hiring a nurse

If you haven’t done that before, now you are feeling the need to find a nurse for your kid. If your toddler attends a kindergarten, then you may not need a nurse but only in case you manage to resolve your divorce issues during the day. During divorce toddler needs a lot of attention from the grown-ups so having someone to help you with them will be great.

Visit a child psychologist

The next thing you have to consider is consulting with the child or family psychologist regarding ways you can help your toddler go through the family dissolution without damaging their mental or emotional well-being. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice and invite your soon-to-be-ex to attend these sessions to ensure your kid’s smooth transition to living with one parent at a time after divorce.

Attend a young parents divorce groups

If you cannot afford one-to-one sessions with a family specialist, you can find a divorcees support group in your area that is designed especially for young parents. During meetings, you can exchange the experience of living through a divorce with other couples and implement that into your life. Also, you can get much moral support there and feel that you are not alone in your trying to stay a good parent while splitting up with your partner.

Spend as much quality time with your toddler as possible

Believing that your kid is too small to understand or remember things in a toddler age is a wrong perception, unfortunately. Even the smallest kids can be affected by their parents’ split-up to the extent they develop regress in their speaking and social skills. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t say that you should stay married for the sake of your toddler’s comfort, but what you should do is be ready to give them as much of your attention as possible during this time. The other parent should do the same unless they have the court order forbidding them to meet you and your kid.

Try to keep up with the routine

The study done by the London School of Economics demonstrated that kids whose parents divorced before they were six years old gained extra weight more often than those whose parents stayed together. Therefore, another thing you should pay attention to is the daily routine of your son or daughter including their meals, physical activity levels, and the time they spend outdoors. Although it’s not an easy task for a working parent, you will have to manage those issues to ensure your kid’s health and positive mood.

Let your toddler communicate with the other parent a lot

In case the other parent is not the source of danger to your child, encourage them to spend time with each other as much as possible. It will be beneficial to both of them and their relationship in the long run. If you are filing for shared custody, keeping the bond between the child and their father or mother strong during the procedure is crucial for future implementation of the custody court order.

Provide your kid with the feeling of complete safety

Staying in physical contact a lot, talking about everything that surrounds you, and playing with your kid are essential for their feeling of safety and security. Therefore, do your best to stay in sight of your child during the day so that they could feel loved and cared about: for instance, you can ask your employer to provide you with flexible or remote working hours to stay with your toddler most of the day.

Be patient

The last but not least thing you need to do during divorce with a toddler is stay patient and compassionate. Coping with the parents’ break-up is not an easy thing for a small human, so they may act differently from what they used to do. Don’t condemn them for being too loud or too silent at this time since their reactions to stress are not yet possible to be controlled by themselves. Your task is to help them get through it and stay positive.


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