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5 Reasons Why Bail Bond Affect Legal Fairness



5 Reasons Why Bail Bond Affect Legal Fairness

Various issues like issuing a bail bond have hiked criminal justice in the last few decades, increasing it in leaps and bounds. A proper legal system carries out reforms that reflect the existing values of society.

It has resulted in the overpopulation of prisons and jails. The fact remains that virtually every year, crime rates are increasing. Among the many reasons, the most plausible for increased crime rates are outdated practices and rules and regulations. One ancient practice that requires special mention here is financial bail.

You can secure it to get released from jail.

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1. Understand financial bail in detail

Paying financial bail is when courts hold onto a deposit of property or money as collateral. It is to ensure that the person returns to the court when the trial commences and that money guards against the possibility of the person running away.

Although the practice looks proper on paper in real life, most individuals associated with the crime belong to the low rungs of society. As a result, the criminal defendant often does not have the resources to pay for the financial bail. Consequently, they end up in jail when they wait for the trial date.

2. Financial bail and the criminal defendant

Statistics reveal that many jail inmates have not got convicted of a crime at any time. Around 75% of these individuals await trial because they do not have the resources to settle the bail. As a result, they end up in jail because they cannot afford bail.

For instance, individuals associated with property crimes and drugs are the ones who fall into this category. The distinction is significant because, under typical circumstances, individuals who commit non-violent crimes do not get conceived as flight risks or individuals who can cause danger to public safety.

It is the bottom line or the reason for a bail bond.

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3. What qualifications are necessary for a bail bond?

Every state has distinct rules and statutes for monitoring the qualifications for financial bail. Generally, these include the following:

● The circumstances and nature of the crime

● The severity and type of evidence the prosecution shows against the person.

● The employment history, mental health, financial resources, family ties, and connection of the defendant with the community

● The present and past behaviour of the person

● The extent and the probability of danger the defendant poses to the community.

● Whether the someone poses a threat of violence or intimidation to witnesses or victims involved in the case

● Whether the jury believes the individual has the likelihood of perpetrating another offence.

These are a few critical points that you must bear in mind if you are thinking of financial bail, and in these areas, you need the help of a reputable bail bond agent in Calgary.

These people with years of proficiency and expertise can help you manage the bail amount and court proceedings. They can also help you manage the trial stage. Hence, talk to a bail bond person to help you get a quick release. They have the necessary expertise to handle the matter with proficiency.


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