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Why Successful Students Often Curse

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Successful Students Often Curse: Swearing is often associated with bad manners and a lack of self-control. But this impression is wrong – numerous scientific studies have confirmed this.

So are people who swear

  • smarter,
  • linguistically competent,
  • more creative,
  • less prone to stress,
  • more robust,
  • emotionally balanced,
  • more powerful.

Do not you think? Then let’s take a closer look.

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He Who Swears Is More Intelligent

People who swear have a higher IQ. This was the result of an American study in which the subjects first had to demonstrate their repertoire of swearing and then take an intelligence test.

The researchers found that those who could name the most swear words in one minute also did better on intelligence tests. The higher the curse density, the better they did on the following language proficiency test, which the research team developed and was a measure of average intelligence.

Those Who Swear Have Better Language Skills

But it goes even further: In the study just mentioned, subjects between the ages of 18 and 22 were first asked to name as many curses as they could think of with a certain first letter in a certain period of time. The test was then repeated using animals and general terms.

It turned out that anyone who knew a lot of curses had a particularly rich vocabulary and a good feeling for language. Swearing improves language skills.

Those Who Swear Are More Creative

The same applies when it comes to “creativity”: Anyone who knows a lot of curses and passionately scolds is also more imaginative in other situations in life and can react better in stressful situations. People who curse train their creative streak on the side, so to speak, and can therefore develop more ideas than the average population.

Particularly interesting: swearing in a group can have a positive effect on the overall atmosphere and increase productivity. As part of a British study, researchers found that swearing strengthens group spirit – especially in the workplace.

Cursing is Less Stressful

Swearing relieves stress. And because of this, people who use curses regularly experience less stress. The short, impulsive outbursts of emotion reduce tension and dissolve mental blockages.

People who, on the other hand, eat away at their fears and annoyances are more likely to feel stress and, statistically speaking, suffer more often from depression and other mental illnesses.

Those Who Swear Are More Robust

People who swear when they are in pain or an uncomfortable situation use the energy released by the swearing to gain more control over the situation.

A 2009 study by Britain’s Keele University asked participants to put their hands in different containers filled with progressively colder water for as long as they could stand the freezing temperatures. Half of the participants were allowed to swear, the other half not. The swearing held out much longer. The scolding made the pain bearable and distracted me from it.

Those Who Swear Are Emotionally More Balanced

Cursing also helps with sadness, anger, or other strong feelings. The same psychological team found that people who rant out loud while venting their emotions in a bundle are more emotionally balanced.

Even in the case of emotional pain, mood swings, or exceptional psychological situations, a short curse session brings relief. By no longer suppressing negative feelings, emotional pressure can be relieved. Important here: after swearing, flip the switch and don’t remain in a negative mood.

And, after swearing it through, those who swear can assess whether they need help from a professional with their assignments and say “Write my paper for me.”

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Those Who Swear Are More Efficient

Another study examined the influence of swearing on physical performance. To do this, 29 participants were invited to a sprint session on an ergometer: once after swearing beforehand and once without “preparation”. In another test, the handshakes of 52 subjects were measured under the same conditions.

The result: The test participants were each faster and grabbed more forcefully after they had cursed beforehand. Unfortunately, there is still no well-founded explanation for this connection – but similar observations have been made in other, comparable studies.


Regular swearing is a sign of successful people. People who have an above-average vocabulary and a presentable IQ. People who are creative and emotionally balanced. People who go through life robustly, can cope with stress and stand their ground efficiently.

And that’s exactly why you should also swear and not artificially hold back. Take advantage of swearing and realize that short, emotional spikes in mood are positive. Swear regularly, swear creatively, and swear with passion—but don’t lose yourself in the process.

Curse briefly and then direct your gaze forward. Use the swearing to recharge your batteries and then immediately go into attack mode: first you curse, then you complete your next task with great energy.

And to make it easier for you to get started, I have a little task for you: write me your favorite curse in the comments below this article. In this way, you make a small start and immediately improve your success in your studies.


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