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Why it’s So Important to Prepare For a Motorcycle Trip

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A motorcycle trip is a thrilling experience. You are likely to experience Mother Nature in a very different way. You will get overwhelmed as your ride by the smell of wildflowers, the sound of a rushing river, and the cool breeze of the countryside. But all of this comes at a cost!

A long-distance ride means you are going to encounter all sorts of weather and difficult roads. A comfortable and safe motorcycle road trip requires proper planning. Otherwise, some mistakes may spoil your journey. A good rider plans such a journey actively to avoid any hassle and inconvenience during the trip.

To plan a motorcycle road trip, consider the following tips. These essential steps will help you throughout the tour by making it more comfortable and hassle-free.

Take Expert Advice

Ask some helpful tips from people who had already gone on such a journey. Discuss with them the pros and cons of the trip, what good and bad experiences they faced. Keep a pen and paper and write down useful points and advice during the meeting.

From the experience of other people, you can narrow down your choice of motorcycle. Whether a touring bike will suffice, or will you need a cruiser? Do your research before you begin! Or If you want to find a Harley that will fit your needs and preferences, talking to other enthusiasts can significantly help you.

Comfort comes first:

The motorcycle on which you are going to travel should be comfortable. It means that it is fit for your height and weight. The motorcycle you have selected for your journey should have a soft seat, high-pitched headlights, suitable handlebar, an easily operate-able clutch, brakes, and accelerator, etc. don’t forget that you are going to spend hours and hours sitting and riding on your motorcycle. It is necessary to give special attention to backrests and foot-pegs.

Your motorcycle should be suited for the type of riding you are going to do during your tour.

By sitting on it and looking at its features, you can choose a suitable one for you. Modifications can also be performed according to your comfort, ease, and requirements. If the motorcycle is obtained on rent, it should be selected wisely.

Keep the Necessary Luggage:

A motorcycle trip is different from a car trip. Motorcycles have a limited storage capacity. Decide carefully what items you have to take with you on the trip and make a list so that you don’t forget any of those before your departure. Always prefer disposable items so that you throw those away after use. Use sachets rather than bottles and keep minimum necessary clothes.

Select the Luggage Bags

There are different types of baggage carriers for motorbikes available nowadays. Those are saddlebags, tank bags, and tail bags. Saddlebags can be simply fixed on the right and left sides of the back seat of the bike. Tank bags and tail bags can be fitted using magnets.

We suggest taking lockable and waterproof saddlebags along with you on your motorcycle tour. They provide reasonable storage space for your tour essentials.

Dress Properly for the Motorcycle Trip:

Riding your motorcycle to your college is entirely different from a motorcycle trip. You must wear all the motorcycle protective gear before you set out on your journey. The team at Throttlebuff says that pants are the motorcycle gear most riders tend to neglect when shopping for their trip.

High-quality pants especially designed for riding, a comfortable T-shirt, a helmet is covering your complete face, a comfortable water-proof jacket, and last but not least, riding boots. Use fit clothes rather than lose as with lose clothes you will feel uncomfortable. You can also use knee and elbow guards for more safety.

Take the Map to Guide you through the right path:

Take advantage of the technology. Use GPS during your trip if you are not familiar with routes. Helmets with Bluetooth and speakers which provide GPS directions are the most convenient way of finding your route. If you are in an area with no networks, you must use a hard copy of maps to go in the right direction. Don’t hesitate to ask the local people about the correct directions.

Drink Water to Remain Hydrated:

During your trip, de-hydration may cause health problems such as fatigue and lethargy, therefore don’t forget to keep a water bottle in your luggage. Don’t drink too much water to avoid urination, but don’t wait and drink water whenever you feel thirsty.

Take Rest:

Whenever you are on a journey, you require rest, but it becomes essential to go on a motorcycle trip. Continuous riding may cause pain in your body at different places, such as your hands, eyes, neck, legs, knees, or feet. This means your body is demanding you to stay for a break.

Moreover, your motorcycle also requires some rest because the engine might be heating up. If you find an inn (hotel or motel) in between your journey, stop and take a rest. It will help reduce fatigue and let you enjoy your journey in a better way.

Use Toilets where Available:

During your ride, if you stay at a hotel or rest house for a short time, go to the toilet before you leave the place. When you are on the road during your journey, it will be difficult to fulfill your washroom needs.

Check Fuel with Intervals:

You must constantly check the fuel during your trip as if the patrol tank becomes empty at an odd place; you will have to face unexpected difficult circumstances.  Whenever and wherever you find a fuel pump refill the petrol tank and keep it full.

Keep your Moral High:

Make yourself mentally prepared that you are on a motorcycle trip. Therefore you have to enjoy it at all stages. At any time, if you feel bored, depressed, tired, or frustrated, stop somewhere for a break. Eat your favorite food, have a nice cold drink, or listen to your favorite music. Try to forget your home or office problems and just concentrate on your ride. Hence keep your spirit high at all times.

Use Earplugs to Avoid Unnecessary Noise:

Due to heavy traffic on the roads and highways, it may be too noisy due to disturbing your ride. As soon as you are on such a track, put on your earplugs, which will be helpful to minimize noise pressure on your ears. You can also use motorcycle headsets by Cardo and Sena to listen to music to enjoy your ride.

Be Prepared for Unpredictable Weather

Compared to a car, the motorcycle is an open vehicle without a roof. Therefore you are exposed to all the elements. The temperature may become cooler or warmer than expected, or you may encounter heavy rains or strong winds. The extreme temperatures are physically draining for the motorcycle riders if they do not have their appropriate gear. In case of rain, the roads become slippery and wet. Therefore you have to ride carefully.


To make your motorcycle journey successful and full of fun, first, choose a suitable motorcycle and get it examined by an expert. It should be properly tuned, every part must be checked properly, and engine oil should be up to the mark.

Do not forget to take few essential spares like brake cables, spare tubes, accelerator cables, spark plugs, etc., to avoid any inconvenience during your trip. Before the trip, make proper preparation for keeping your luggage.

Take all the necessary things required for the journey, wear proper clothes, helmets, and other gear. During your journey, take a rest from time to time, drink water, and use toilets to go back on the road, as these minor things also become major distractions if ignored.

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