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Why A Career in Fashion Is Worth Considering



The fashion industry has always been fast-paced, fun, and fearless. Back in the day, it was extremely competitive, with thousands of graduates struggling to get a foot in the door. Fast forward to today’s modern world, the fashion industry is larger than ever before, opening doors to new roles and wider opportunities.

It used to come with a superior, glamorous reputation, associated with glossy fashion magazines, catwalk shows, and worldwide travel. In some aspect, this is still very much so, but there is a more hands-on, grueling side to the fashion industry that isn’t always portrayed in the media.

For one, it is incredibly fast-paced and sales orientated, meaning that employees have to constantly be ahead of the game with their fingers in the pulse regarding the fashion industry world. Trends, materials, and shopping habitsmust be fully understood before someone can start to excel in the garment world.

1. Extensive range of positions

Most people think of fashion designers and dressmakers, but in recent years, the roles have expanded massively. You now see merchandisers, buyers, garment technologists, PR, and marketing professionals at each fashion company.

If you have a creative eye and a passion for fabrics and design, the most obvious role to look at is a fashion designer. You will need a strong sense of trend prediction, along with the skills to design and make collections suitable for different target audiences (depending on the brand).

Successful designers usually own their own sewing machine, like a Pfaff sewing machine, which you can get from quality stores and suppliers like Golden Cutting & Sewing Supplies. This way, budding designers can practice at home and build a portfolio.

For the more analytic, there are now more opportunities for production managers, marketing managers, and brand managers at various fashion companies around the world.

2. It’s exciting and leads to opportunities

No two days working for a fashion company are ever the same. Higher roles tend to give the opportunity for traveling, whether this is for photo shoots, buying trips, store openings, and launches.

Along with traveling comes with the chance to attend award ceremonies, TV shows, magazine shoots, and media opportunities. Of course, the industry is extremely stressful, but the perks can always outweigh the fast-paced crazy life.

A job in fashion also opens doors to meet a range of interesting and diverse people along the way. It might be that you have clients all over the country, work with high profile influencers, or get to collaborate with skilled photographers.

3. You will step out of your comfort zone

This demanding industry will put you under a lot of pressure, no matter what role you take on. It’s a fast turnaround industry, focused on sales and figures, so the heat is always on to be at that next step ahead.

If you thrive from the pressure and love a challenge, this environment will push your skills and performance levels. You have to be aware of constant changes all the time, reacting fast and bringing in expertise at every chance.

Although it may seem a little scary, when you are put under pressure and out of your comfort zone, it can do wonders for a person’s performance.

4. Scope for progression

You do tend to go into the fashion industry starting at the bottom, but that’s OK – the growth is phenomenal. Fashion is certainly an industry where if you put in the hard work, you reap the rewards of substantial growth. That junior role you go into as a graduate will have a carefully carved out career path.

Plus, as the fashion industry is now tied so closely to the growing social media world, there are endless opportunities to develop new skills and still stay true to the industry. It’s also a career industry which sees new brands, labels, and designers emerge every year, meaning it is by no means on the path to decline. The only way is up!

As with any industry, having a balanced level of passion and skill is needed to succeed. If you put the effort in and work hard in the fashion industry, you will achieve success over time and learn first-hand exactly what this fast-paced work life is all about.



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