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Which as Better for Smoking a Bong or a Hookah?



Which as Better for Smoking Cannabis a Bong or a Hookah?

Smoking has evolved throughout the years, and fans couldn’t be happier. Since its humble beginnings, this trend has taken the entire activity to a whole new level. Nowadays, smoking your favorite substance is not achieved through cigarettes its done with either a Bongs or a Hookah.

On the contrary, there has been a revolution in the smoking industry. The likes of bongs and hookahs have managed to take the world of smoking by storm. However, most users tend to miscalculate whenever these two materials are in the same sentence.

There are stark differences between hookahs and bongs that make fans prefer one to the other.

Which as Better for Smoking Cannabis a Bong or a Hookah?


Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

Hookahs are available in varying and unique styles, sizes, and shapes. Regardless of this somewhat new revelation, most hookah users still prefer to use it in groups, just like the olden days.

The traditional hookah invention is made up of three crucial parts; a hosepipe through which the smoke passes, a body made up of metal, and a water bowl. Each of these parts plays a significant role when smoking using a hookah.

The hosepipe transfers the smoke directly to your lungs during inhalation. The metal body, or stem, holds all the other parts in position. Finally, the water bowl is responsible for cooling the smoke to avoid damaging your air passages.

Manufacturers always come up with varying concepts for the sole purpose of standing out. They always consider each of the crucial parts and ensures that they all stay in a position to avoid confusing hookah fans.

Most hookah fanatics thrive on the realization of fresher designs and products that are released into the market. They are usually on the lookout so that nothing new and thrilling passes them by.

Their popularity is growing so steadily that it might be almost impossible not to spot them among daily high club bongs. What’s more, their prices may resonate well with those who have developed a strong attachment towards a hookah.

Have Been Around For Centuries

Hookahs are not new to the game of smoking as they have served fans for centuries on end. Rather than stick to the traditional and somehow old-fashioned cigarette, most people prefer hookahs due to their thrilling nature.

It’s not surprising to have cafés built in their honor in some parts of the globe. Hookahs are fitted with all the exciting features that users always want to try out. There are advanced hookah inventions that are making their rounds on the internet.

This move hasn’t deterred the older versions from making their statements, especially during informal gatherings of friends. The older hookahs still serve their purpose and are yet to impact the next generation in different ways.

Nowadays, Millenials can gain easy access to state-of-the-art hookah inventions from the comfort of their homes or offices. To be more precise, hookah pens and other related products such as steam stones make huge strides.

Its long existence has seen it through the different advancement stages of tobacco. At first, hookahs were only good for smoking plain tobacco. As time went by, they were elevated to the higher status of smoking tobacco in various flavors.

Their smoking Parts Are Replaceable

On the bright side, a worn-out hookah doesn’t mean it’s time to dispose of it off. On the contrary, you can comfortably replace the part that’s worn out and move on swiftly.

What’s more, the parts are readily available and accessible at fair prices, primarily online. Manufacturers usually are very keen on quality and are careful to only release sophisticated items into the market.

The replaceable parts of a hookah make it a worthwhile venture since they facilitate the durability factor. Replacing one faulty part will keep the entire hookah equipment functional and in overall good shape.

However, your experience can only be as memorable and enjoyable once you thoroughly understand how each part functions. You also need to be familiar with the basic knowledge of how to operate each model.


Which as Better for Smoking Cannabis a Bong or a Hookah?


They’ve Been Around For Decades

Compared to their counterparts, hookahs, bongs have only been in the picture for decades. Some passionate smokers are still trying to figure out all there is to know about it as it’s a broad topic.

Since its invention, the bong has amassed many followers who are willing to increase all the extra knowledge on how they work. They have been on an evolution spree, and bong fans have every reason to look forward to more.

Bongs are primarily made of glass due to the nature of their function. Strong types of glass are considered for this type of role since smoke contains an element of heat that only glass can handle.

Manufacturers have also revolutionized the existence of current bongs by adding another material to the widely used glass. Nowadays, it’s possible to come across bongs made entirely of Silicone.

Smokers prefer glass bongs and have been using them over the decades, primarily due to their ability to make the hits smoother.

Their Prices Are Flexible

Smokers who prefer bongs to hookahs can afford any make of their choice. Retailers make good quotations and allow their buyers to pick one that’s within their financial capability.

The price tags also favor smokers who are taking their very first hit. There are products for beginners, and the features favor their current level of expertise. They are widely available in online shopping stores and some local clubs and pubs.

The prices are also dependent on the material used in making the bong. Glass has been deemed durable since the inception of the bong as smoking equipment.

Other impressive features, such as the availability of percolators, have contributed immensely to the price tags. Percolators are responsible for an improved diffusion for the most exceptional experience with your bong.

Take a Shorter Time To Feel The Impact

Compared to Hookahs, bongs are known for taking effect within a matter of minutes. Smoking the substance in question assures you of its saturation in your system.

When using a bong, take it easy since danger lies in the fact that you may not feel any difference. Smoking repeatedly may be hazardous to your health because your blood will already absorb more than it should.


Hookahs and bongs both have a special place in the heart of a passionate smoker. Each of them uniquely dispenses their tasks. It’s up to the smoker to decide which one works best.


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