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What You Should Know About Renting a Car In Thailand



Thailand is a country with many Islands. One of them is Phuket. It’s a popular tourist destination and visitors will find themselves at home because the place operates on international standards.

On arrival, you will be met by friendly airport staff who will show you around. Because of its international standards, language will not be a problem.

You will find almost all of the main European languages like English, French, German and others.

To get around comfortably and easily, it will be better off renting your own car.

There are many car rental companies, all big international names like Hertz, Avis and others.

Among them is yesaway car rental. This an international company and they are well versed in keeping their customers comfortable.

Car rental at Phuket Airport is fairly straightforward and you should be mobile in no time. So, here are some of basics you should know before renting car in Thailand:

Choice of Car

There is a variety of types of available. Depending on the activity you are up to and the size of your team, you can select from saloons, 4 X 4 SUV’s, 6 seaters etc.

You will not miss one that will suit your needs. Some car rental companies will not have a car to suit your needs. There are other options you can pick if you need them.

For example, a child seat, Wi-Fi, GPRS, and others. You will get a list of all that is available. It does come with a cost though.


Self-Driver or Chauffeur Driven

You are better off when driven because the driver knows the place and the driving habits of the place. A local is always well versed with their locality including the rules that govern the place.

This saves you the inconvenience of dealing with law enforcers. What is divine in your hometown can turn out to criminal in another town. You will be safer and have more time for sightseeing.


You will find many of them who speak your language and it’s up to you to decide which one of them is the most fluent. You will get very good very good advice from the car rental company. Some car rental companies will not have a driver who speaks your language.


Car rental rates depend on your purpose. These vary widely and it is imperative to study them carefully before making a choice. The best bet however is paying per day. You will get a better rate the more the days.


It is important to buy insurance for yourself when you rent a car. Some companies will give you the option of buying the cheapest just to be within the law.

car rental

A good insurance is one that you choose for yourself after understanding the cover it provides.

Foreign travel should properly prepare for a trip to Thailand.

Due to a desire to visit as much beautiful spots of this area as possibly you can have some challenges, among them is car rental.

That’s why one should get as much information as possible before departure to avoid disappointment at destination.

Such information is available from your tour guide or better still, the car rental company could have an office in your hometown so you will have the advantage of making all choices and decisions before departure.

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