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What to Ask a QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service Provider?



QuickBooks Cloud Hosting Service Provider for business

The emergence of cloud technology has made the world sit up and take notice of its capabilities, even for accountants using QuickBooks Cloud. The market for the products that are hosted on the cloud is booming. The pandemic has only accelerated the adoption further even as expenditure on IT services decline. At the same time, Gartner claims that the projected growth for cloud technology is nearly 20%.

With all the different options available, it becomes difficult to find the right Cloud Based QuickBooks provider. Let us take a look at some of the features that distinguish the best QuickBooks hosting services providers from the mediocre ones.

High Availability for business continuity

High availability of services is necessary for business continuity. This, in turn, is a bunch of practices and procedures that businesses follow in the event of a disaster. This could range from IT service failures to cyber-attacks. A good hosting service provider would have identified these exigencies and made backup plans so that your business won’t be impacted.

Disaster Mitigation

It is not sufficient that the provider has a robust plan to provide backup solutions. It is equally important that any kind of disaster is averted even before it strikes. These disasters can either be man-made, such as cyber-attacks, or natural such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and so on. Despite these exigencies, users should be able to continue with their work as usual. This can be ensured by having a backup infrastructure, preferably in a different location. This will ensure that even if one data centre goes down, you can access your content from another.

Fool-Proof Security for Quickbooks Hosting

Perhaps the most important factor of cloud solutions is the security feature available with the solution. Any compromise of data stored on the provider’s infrastructure like made available to users via CartonCloud can have a catastrophic impact. Ensure that your QuickBooks cloud hosting provider’s data centers are at least SSAE 16 level compliant. Additionally, the provider must have multi-level security systems that include MFA that can prevent DDoS attacks with IPS/IDS technology.

Affordable Hosting Pricing

Different QuickBooks hosting service providers offer different plans. The wording can cause a great deal of confusion. Some might offer one-time plans. Others might offer a pay as you go plan that is similar to Azure Windows Virtual Desktop pricing. This is the more preferable option as there is greater payment flexibility. There might be others who offer monthly, hourly, or yearly plans. Whatever the case may be, make sure that there are no hidden charges that are not displayed on the web site where you found the pricing. We suggest you look at website hosting reviews on Hosting Foundry


One of the most important factors that make QuickBooks a powerful accounting solution is its versatility. This is because it is compatible with several third-party tools. This, however, might need assistance from the hosting service provider. Ideally, you should have sufficient space on the virtual solution to accommodate these customizations. So, the best hosting service providers will also provide on-premises Exchange to Office 365 migration so that you can use all the applications you need for your practice from one place.

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