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What Should I Consider Before Buying Body Armor?

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What Should I Consider Before Buying Body Armor?

Why military personnel and police officers rely on body armor is its exceptional life-saving ability. In the US alone, statistics show that more than 3000 police officer’s lives have been saved with this armor over the last decade.

Not just the people in defence and police services choose body armor as a source of life protection; many civilians rely on body armor due to uncertain threats to their lives. It provides extended protection to them and their family against stray shots.

Read this awesome blog post on how to choose the best body armor:

Threat Levels

Considering the audacity of threat levels, you can choose the type of body armor you require. You need to assess beforehand what kind of danger and how you will use your body armor; how long will you use it? And other situations that may require the use of body armor.

It is significant to buy body armor relevant to the circumstances and situation. A hunter at risk of stray rifle rounds will not get adequate protection from a body vest standing up to handgun rounds.

Protection Levels by NIJ

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) defines the protection levels for each body armor type as IIA, II, IIIA, III, and IV. Higher the class, the greater the protection by the armor. So the armor at level IV offers maximum protection while the body armor at type IIA offers the least.

IF you want protection against modern ammunition like shotgun slugs, handgun rounds, and submachine gun rounds, go for type IIIA.

Body Armour Material

As body armor is available in a wide range of materials, each comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Para-amid fibers are the most popular body armor material, flexible, sturdy, and yet comfortable to wear.

If you are considering a cheaper body armor, PE(polyethene) is a viable option. But it is also prone to faster degradation. If you are considering steel body armor, it is undoubtedly heavy and impractical too.

The right fit

A piece of armor that fits you properly is significant. Lose or improperly fitted armor defeats the purpose of use. An armor must give you full coverage from the sides of your torso, front and back, without any exposure of body area or any chance to slip off.

We recommend expert advice and assistance for novice buyers when your buying body armor. Also, the armor should not ride up towards the neck when you sit, causing any interference to your movements.

Body Armour Maintenance

Body armor should be handled with care; You must be aware of all the maintenance tips and tricks to enhance the life of your body armor and prevent quick wear and tear. Don’t hesitate to ask questions from the seller to know more about the care regime of your chosen body armor.

For your body armor to work properly, it is essential to keep it in top condition. Follow all the maintenance recommendations rigorously to avoid any damage.

In a situation of life and death, body armor can make a huge difference. Thus, choosing the best bulletproof armor is advisable.


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