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What Percentage Do Lawyers Take For Personal Injury Services?

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What Percentage Do Lawyers Take For Personal Injury Services?

Very often, it happens that individuals have become victims of personal injuries.

These are the situations that require a lawyers who is specialized in such legal issues.

However, many of us wonder how much it will cost them and whether it is worth it in the end.

According to Bojat Law Group, there are many prejudices related to this topic and that is why we will analyze this procedure to determine what percentage lawyers take for this type of service.

What Do We Mean When Talking About A Personal Injury Claim?

Although most of us know what it is about, there is often confusion in some cases. Therefore, we must first clarify this term.

The basis for a personal injury lawsuit is a situation when a person is injured – and the responsibility lies in another person’s action or negligence.

If you happen to be hurt, injured, or wounded, you can file a claim – especially if that was partially or completely a consequence of somebody else’s fault, negligence, or carelessness.

Also, if your injuries have caused medical expenses, as well as pain and physical suffering – you can file such a claim.

And finally, legal experts from the Bojat Law Group remind all potential clients of the time frame – because you must file a claim within 3 years from the day your injury occurred.

Of course, if your case is like this, it is clear that you will need the help of an experienced lawyers because you cannot go through this legal procedure without professional help.

How Much Will Legal Services Cost Me?

Considering that these are specific cases, lawyers usually do not charge a standard hourly rate – but they often agree with the client on a percentage that will be paid to them after the legal procedure is finished.

Of course, a serious lawyers will first carefully study your case, to look at all the positive and negative aspects that may arise during this legal procedure.

Following the circumstances of your case, the attorneys will form a percentage they will charge from the settlement they win for you.

Some unwritten rule in practice says that it is usually a third of the amount or 33% of the compensation amount.

However, lawyers from the Bojat Law Group remind clients that this doesn’t have to be the same for all situations.

Namely, the percentage may vary depending on the case itself.

Also, there is the question of whether this kind of claim will be paid out through a settlement or whether you decide to appear in front of the court.

In the latter case, there are some additional costs that you have to keep in mind, and they include many things – from court fees to hourly rates that lawyers charge in these cases.

What Happens If The Lawyers Doesn’t Make The Settlement And Win You Compensation?

If you hired an attorney who accepted to represent you for a personal injury claim and you agreed and determined the percentage that he will charge from the received compensation – then that’s it.

If the legal procedure ends up in a way that the client is left without compensation – the lawyers should not charge anything.

Of course, this is the usual legal practice, which doesn’t mean you cannot encounter other situations.

Therefore, experts from Bojat Law Group advise you to be careful and choose your legal representative wisely.

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