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What is Synthetic Urine and Why is it Being Used



Fake Pee, What is Synthetic Urine and Why is it Being Used by People

If you are bothered about your upcoming dope test, guarantee a negative report with the popular options like synthetic urine. To ensure a negative drug test report, most athletes and sports people rely on synthetic urine.

If a urine test is what you have to go through to check the level of toxins present in your body, opt for the synthetic urine, and your results would surely come out to be negative. Before you bother about where to find synthetic urine near me, check the online availability, and your problem will be sorted. Here is a brief outline of what synthetic urine is all about.

Synthetic Urine

Also known as fake pee, synthetic urine is a chemical that resembles human urine. By resemblance, we mean, synthetic urine shares the same color, composition, and texture as real human urine. Hence, it contains elements like urea, creatinine, uric acid, ammonia, and sulfates, which are considered to be the major components of human urine.

Furthermore, the chemical properties of the fake pee match in ditto with the real human urine. Which makes it almost identical with human urine and impossible to be detected as artificial through basic chemical analysis. Here are some of the important aspects that are kept in mind while manufacturing a fake pee as reliable as Synthetix5.

  • Color: Real human pee contains color, which makes it lightly tinted. The chemists have also found a way to make the fake pee look exactly like the real urine. Hence, the best quality synthetic pee is always manufactured in tinted fashion to make it identical to the real urine.
  • Temperature: Chemists also keep the temperature of the fake pee identical with the fresh urine of humans to make sure that there remains no difference between the two.
  • pH Level: The level of acidity is something that remains somewhat constant for human pee. Hence, the chemists have formulated the fake pee maintaining the same pH level to make it appear identical with the human pee.
  • Creatinine: Creatinine level is also integral to human pee. Hence, the synthetic urine gets formulated in such a way that it contains the same level of creatinine as a human being of good health will have in the urine.

Use Of Synthetic Urine

While synthetic urine is primarily used to get a negative drug test report even after consuming a considerable amount of vape or any other drugs. There are plenty of other domains for which the fake pee gets used these days.

People generally fill the fake penis with synthetic urine and use the same for drug tests to get a clear report. Athletes, who consume drugs on a regular basis, generally use this for fake negative reports to continue their performance and practice. The following are some of the other uses of fake pee.

Animal Repellant: Much like the real urine, the fake pee also has a pungent smell that keeps the rodents and other animals at bay. For people interested in fashioning gardens or horticulture, fake pee is often used as an animal repellent, which is less expensive than the other alternatives in the market.

Education: Synthetic urine serves as a sample of human urine, which helps the medical students to understand the composition and other specifications of human urine properly.

Science: in the domain of scientific researches, human urine is considered a staple. Especially for the generation of new urine test techniques for different diseases, human urine is used as a sample. With synthetic urine available in the market, this process has now become more convenient.

Make sure to know more about fake pee before you settle for one.



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