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What are the Signs of Hearing Impairment and How Do I Deal with Them?

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Signs of Hearing Impairment
Contrary to appearances, it is not only the elderly who struggle with hearing disorders. This problem increasingly affects children and adolescents as well. In the case of older people, age is often the cause of hearing Impairment, while in younger people, improper care of this sense, diseases, injuries, or birth defects.

Why is hearing deteriorating?

There are many causes of hearing problems. In the case of children, they can often be birth defects or abnormalities during pregnancy that have had an impact on the development of the fetus (e.g. venereal diseases, rubella, toxoplasmosis, taking certain antibiotics or aspirin). One of the causes of hearing loss in children is also a serological conflict or genetic mutations.

Loss of hearing can occur not only in childhood or the day of birth but also later in life. Impaired hearing can be caused by, but is not limited to:

– prolonged exposure to noise;

– bacterial, viral, and fungal infections,

– meningitis

– inflammation of the inner ear,

– poisoning with ototoxic drugs,

– circulatory disorders,

– allergies and autoimmune diseases,

– demyelinating diseases leading to damage to the auditory nerve,

– mechanical injuries,

– barometric injuries.

Many people mistakenly assume that if one or both of their parents have hearing problems, their child will inherit the hearing condition as well. It is possible, but it is never 100% certain.

How do you recognize hearing impairment problems?

Contrary to appearances, the problem of hearing loss or hearing impairment is not diagnosed very quickly. Many people who do not hear very well often are not even aware of it at first. It is mainly friends and the closest family who point out that something disturbing may be happening with the sense of hearing.

How can problems with deteriorating hearing be diagnosed without specialized tests? It is enough to answer a few questions, if most of them are answered in the affirmative, you should go to a specialist as soon as possible.

When you diagnose your hearing problems yourself, you should answer the following questions:

  1. When watching TV / listening to the radio, is it necessary to turn up the volume even though other people can hear the sounds?
  2. Are the words heard during the conversation, but what others are saying is not fully understood?
  3. Are there difficulties with conducting conversations in places where the noise is moderate or high?
  4. Is it often necessary to repeat the interlocutor’s speech or ask him to speak a little louder?
  5. Does being in noisy places quickly become tiring?
  6. Is there a buzzing, ringing, or squeaking in your ears?

How to Treat Hearing Impairment Problems?

If you experience hearing difficulties or hearing impairment problems, the sooner you take action, the better your chances of returning to normal hearing. If you ignore this problem, treatment afterward will be very difficult and the only solution will be the use of hearing aids (see also Phonak hearing aids).

When it comes to methods of treatment used in the case of hearing impairment problems, the selection depends primarily on the scale of the problem and the cause that caused such a state of affairs. If the problem is caused by a foreign object, then often it is enough to fix it. The same applies to diseases and infections – properly treated with pharmacological agents allows you to return to normal hearing in most cases.

What if pharmaceuticals and other methods prove to be unreliable? Then, hearing aids are indispensable, devices the use of which will allow for normal hearing of sounds from the environment. If there are clear indications for this, doctors may also choose to use the implants.

The method of treatment is always selected individually for each patient with a hearing impairment. It is preceded not only by numerous tests but also by conversations and consultations with the patient. Treatment will never be initiated until the cause of the deterioration in hearing is known.

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