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What are Quality Backlinks and How Can You Get Them to Your Website?



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SEO is fascinating. It shifts and changes day by day. And with every shift, the difficulty of pursuing it becomes more and more challenging. Getting backlinks (quality backlinks to be precise) has become much more difficult. However, there are some useful services that can make the process of link-building much easier. The most difficult part is finding providers that know how to do the job well.

By the same token, crucial SEO strategies like link building have evolved to become a larger part of ranking criteria.

This article will give you an insight into what a quality backlink is. We’ll also talk about essential factors to check before getting backlinks from guest posting providers.

What are Exactly Is a Backlink?

Backlinks are links to your domain from other sites. Also known as inbound links or incoming links, they indicate that your site is trustworthy. This tells search engines that your domain has authority. The more quality backlinks you have, the better your traffic. In turn, your site will become even more trusted.

What are High-Quality Backlinks?

Most site owners measure the effectiveness of a backlink based on high Domain Authority and low Spam Score. These factors play a crucial role in determining the quality of a backlink.

Different Data Centres and Class C IPs

In SEO, fifty backlinks from twenty domains are more trustworthy than 250 backlinks coming from only five domains. However, there are more to backlinks than this – different IP addresses and Data Centres matter too.

A lot of backlinks originating from the same data centers are most likely signs of black-hat SEO practices. Google considers black-hat methods such as PBNs (Private Blog Networks) against search engine policy. Acquiring links from these types of sources can be devastating to your website if discovered.

To ensure healthy SEO-practices, focus on backlinks that come from different data centers and widespread IPs. You can also get multiple backlinks from the same domain. If you are looking to get a large number of backlinks, ask your guest-post provider to give you two or three links from the same domain. This clears doubts about using doorway sites.

Same Niche, Category, and Language

If your site is about health, it doesn’t make sense to get links from travel or gaming sites. Websites linking to you should have the same (or similar) niche.

Before hiring a guest post service link the Boston SEO Agency, make sure that they get links from sites that are relevant to you. If possible, try to aim for sites that have keywords similar to your website, too.

High-quality backlinks should also be in the same language. Google algorithms are particular when it comes to analyzing the language of backlinking sites. If these sites are in another language, your website will be regarded as spammy.

Backlinks Should Have Traffic from Google

Having a High Domain Authority does not mean the site gets a lot of traffic. Bots consider High DA websites to be trustworthy, but also look at another influential factor – consistent monthly traffic.

Many Guest Blogging Services offer cheap backlinks by linking to spammy sites dedicated to link building.

Google bots give attention to high DA scores, but with no regular traffic, the site has no assurance of users. Consequently, Google blocks them; getting backlinks from them will not have any positive effects on your website’s SEO.

Before moving forward with these outreach services, make sure that they get you links from sites having high DA (trusted by bots) and good monthly traffic (trusted by users).

NoFollow Vs. DoFollow

NoFollow links are configured so that search bots omit them when crawling. This is usually done when the quality of a link cannot be verified. NoFollow backlinks do have SEO value, but do not influence a site’s ranking as much as DoFollow links. Thus, it’s better to get backlinks from vetted DoFollow links in order to provide maximum benefit when trying to optimise your site.

Backlinking Site Should Have Internal Links and 2nd Tier Backlinks

Another leading but disregarded factor of link building is having backlinking sites with internal backlinks. Most Guest Post Service Providers offer backlinks from Profile-Page Links, which can be problematic. Though some profile links have a few internal links and may prove to be effective, it’s often not worth the investment. In most cases, profile page-links do not have internal links at all.

Free hosting blogs have the same reputation. Other than WordPress and Blogger, almost all of these blogs won’t have internal links. Some free hosting blogs get enormous traffic, but the subdomains do not have any links to them. This means that getting backlinks from these sites is not beneficial.

You should also aim for sites which have backlinks of their own. This satisfies 2nd-Tier backlinking criteria, supporting users at the end, in turn boosting your website ranking.

As mentioned above, you should keep a keen eye on DA and Spam Score, but give attention to these critical elements when getting backlinks from a guest post service provider.

How to Get High-Quality Backlinks?

Link-building is an integral part of SEO. Just like SEO itself, methods of link-building are always evolving. A few years back, getting quality backlinks was possible with manual operations only. Today, things are different: you can opt to build backlinks to your sites either by earning, creating, or purchasing them.

Creating Backlinks

Though link-building is more sophisticated, several bloggers still create backlinks to their website by including site-links in social media comments and threads. They may also reach out to businesses asking them to incorporate their site link in their posts.

Earning Backlinks

Making great content and building a solid online reputation (ironically, this comes with link-building), means that other anonymous bloggers will cover your site in their posts.

Buying Backlinks

Purchasing links from blogger outreach services can easily help you to rank higher. This doesn’t mean using anonymous PBNs, with domains that have expired and link several backlinks to one single domain — these are cheap and easily identifiable by search engines.

Instead, you should contact genuine backlink services. Why?

They actually reach out to blogs and secure guest posts or niche edits for your website.

They also save you time and effort, with good relationships to many popular blogs of different niches. This saves money, generating hundreds of backlinks to your website, and boosts your rankings in a short period of time.

But more than anything, they know what they are doing. It is advisable, however, to exercise caution when choosing a guest posting service.

Who Should You Pick As Your Guest Post Service Provider

There are numerous guest post-services out there, but not every service uses white hat link-building strategy. Some outreach bloggers practice black-Hat SEO techniques, some are mediators with good branding and some are outdated in terms of their strategies.

At Art Of War SEO, They focus on backlinking from 100% natural blogs that are natural, and are not a guest post farm.

This is because we know that link-building takes time and effort.

We also do our best to adapt to changes in link-building strategy after every algorithm update, in order to provide users with genuine backlinks of value.

As you will see for yourself, many of our backlinks are present in the main content, rather than the header or sidebar of sites.

They are also confident in their protocols to assess backlinks before handing them out to customers. Besides delivering backlinks from the same niche category, we link client sites to domains that have similar keywords.

Most importantly, They give you backlinks that are present in the internal pages of other sites, and not the main domain.

What Team Should You Choose to Get Backlink Services?

  1. Get a dedicated team of experts or get the service of the best SEO agency to do all the link-building for your site. Not only will you save time and effort, but you’ll get 100% accurate results.
  2. They should provide you with a large-scale approach in similar niche categories — giving your site much-needed exposure.
  3. The White-Hat SEO practices will avoid potential dangers prevalent with PBNs, backlinks from spammy sites, and poor site choices like Discussion Forums, Press Release Sites, Automatic Link Building sites, and more.

All things considered, if you’re looking to boost your site, generating backlinks quickly is not a choice, but a necessity.

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