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Virtual Private Networks “VPNs” For Safe Entertainment and Education



Virtual Private Networks “VPNs” For Entertainment

There are online platforms for virtually any imaginable type of entertainment content nowadays: for short videos, TV shows and serials, anime, online games, etc. Among these online entertainment platforms, there are some with better organization and legal content that normally come at a monthly subscription price, and there are also platforms that may offer a worse user experience in terms of invasive adds, less maintenance, no customer support, but with free content (sometimes legal, sometimes not).

One specific example of such resources is CouchTuner – although the content on this website is illegal and the site has been blocked for this reason in a number of countries, the resource is still very popular with users from English speaking countries and not only. This source provides a fairly comprehensive description of what this platform represents. It also brings in the argument in favor of mandatory using VPNs when accessing such services – VPNs allow bypassing of regional bans, while also encrypting the entire data traffic and hiding the identity of the user from anyone, including the ISP.

Virtual Private Networks “VPNs” For For Education

Importantly, VPNs can help not only with entertainment, but also with learning. On this site, the author highlights the importance of lifetime learning in business and the constantly increasing role of new digital technologies and online learning in this respect. Of course, lifetime learning is not only restricted to the business world alone – it applies to many other fields, given the constantly accelerating pace of life globally. Thus, traditional classroom learning is being actively replaced by a new and more effective type of learning with the following traits:

  • on-demand,
  • narrowly focused,
  • active (rather than passive),
  • goal-oriented,
  • with heavy reliance on technologies.

The truth is that torrent websites have a wealth of educational information that one could access (printed books, audio-books, educational videos, educational software, etc). Besides, there are such resources like SciHub (domains change frequently), that allows access to virtually any important scientific journal, or, that offers a huge collection of books in virtually any imaginable field of human activity.

You should be informed that, as expected, much of this content is likely illegal, but there are also great books that come for free. Thus, such resources serve as book search engines and might help you get a full (rather than partial) preview of a given book before purchasing (no seller is likely to offer such an option). Obviously, when accessing either of this websites or torrent platforms, one would need to take online anonymity very seriously, hence VPNs come in handy as the only truly comprehensive protection tool.

To find out more about the VPN technology itself and the multitude of features that different top VPN providers offer, feel free to access where you’ll be able to perform comprehensive comparisons between different services, decide what features are most important to you, and to choose a VPN service provider according to these features.

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