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Useful Tips For First Time “Meme Users” On Social Media



Useful Tips For First Time “Meme Users” On Social Media

Online space is constantly evolving. Businesses are bringing twists in their marketing strategies to allure more audience. Out of these, memes are perceived as a potent tool to maintain brand consistency. The method uses funny images to stir the emotions of your audience and advocate your brand. Like any other marketing strategy, meme also has specific usage guidelines. A social media website needs to abide by it to make the most out of this potential marketing strategy.

Be Authentic

An important thing about Meme is that you need to be true and not very conservative. By creating edgy content, your brand showcases its personality and distinctiveness. It sets your brand apart from weak commercial competitors.

Create community-specific meme

Committing to a niche is a sign of good marketing. To get success from this marketing strategy, you need to identify your business niche and accordingly create community-specific memes. This enhances the possibilities that your business will reach a wider set of audience. At the time of refining the tone, begin by defining the target audience:

  • What type of content does your audience consume?
  • Music, television shows, or celebrities what interests them?
  • What are the ways in which you can delight them?
  • What types of community-specific problems faced by them?

All the above questions will help you gain a better idea about your audience. Based on this information, you can form relatable jokes and comment on appropriate cultural trends, and fads. Such content has higher chances of getting shared across a wider set of audience. This will make it easier to generate more sales and leads in the future.

Form A Meme Library

To start using memes, develop your meme library. You can choose the content that is already available on the internet or create your memes by making your funny images, text, and videos.

If you are making a meme for the first time, then try repurposing a meme by reimaging the statement from any popular movie scene. It gives an idea for the outline for the joke. For a funny text, twist a familiar media to converse to your community, and give a delightful moment to your followers.

Be Aware Of Trending Topics

Stay updated with the latest trends taking place in the pop-culture. Many brands use trending viral memes for boosting interaction and engagement rates among their customers.

Watch YouTube videos that go viral to find funny ideas. Keep a tab on funny videos, and incidences from trending videos. It will help you source fresh content. PutPut website,, and #putput #LustigeBilder #pr0gramm cater to several hilarious memes.

Begin On A Small Scale:

The next thing that you need is to experiment using a meme on a small set of your audience. Observe the reactions of your audience. It will tell you whether you need to expand or modify your strategy.

Ensure That The Meme Matches The Brand Voice

The tone and voice that brands use are the two very important factors that determine the success of any marketing strategy. They offer consistency for the character of a brand. It is important to identify the appropriate tone to create the desired effect.

Allow Yourself To Be Casual

Your business may have developed a very professional image, but it is perfectly fine to be casual at times with your audience especially when using memes. You can use social media lingo once in a while to entertain your potential customers and existing ones.

Use Your Own Content

Another important thing when you are creating a meme is that you should use the imagery or content of your own brand to form a meme. This will make the services and products of your business a lot memorable to your audience on social media.


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