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True Mobile WWII Ad “The True Meaning of Giving” Takes the Internet by Storm





BANGKOK – Thailand’s Mobile Company True Move’s World War II-themed ad called “The True Meaning of Giving” has taken the Internet by storm,  being viewed by more than 1.3 million people.

Produced by TrueMove, the three-minute spot uses a war story to show that “compassion is the true communication,” with the final moments of the ad tying everything together.

A stirring, cinematic spot in which the daughter of a charity worker visits a Thai woman who helped her father when he was a prisoner of war in World War II.

The ad, which shows how a brave act of kindness can change a life, is part of a campaign called “The True Meaning of Giving,” which is backed by a group of Thailand charities.

One of the actors in the spot writes in the YouTube comments that it references a POW camp in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, where the Japanese forced prisoners to build a railway bridge over the River Kwai. (That was also the setting for the famous movie.)


The tie-in to the brand, “Compassion is true communication,” is still a bit flimsy—but True Move has stuck with the idea of giving for years, and it’s presumably working for the firm. In less capable hands, this would be a schmaltzy ode to the white savior, but the direction, acting and overall commitment here are so good that one can’t help but be moved.

Thailand was a bridgehead for Japan to operate throughout much of Asia during World War II. Despite the horrors many experienced during the conflict, locals risked their own lives to help the prisoners. After the war, many of those people were revered for their efforts, and the stories of their giving are the root of True Move’s latest campaign for compassion and giving.

There are a number of campaigns True Move is advocating giving to, including UNICEF-Thailand, the Red Cross, and Thai Child Rights. We have the World War II ad, and a following documentary about the story of Thailand’s giving during the Japanese occupation. Following those two, we included another “big hit” from True Move’s giving campaign in 2013 which is sure to be familiar to some.

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