3 Best Was Of Training Your Dog To Come When Called
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3 Best Was of Training Your Dog to Come When Called

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3 Best Was to Get Your Dog to Come When Called

Training your dog can make it a loyal and endearing companion that can provide hours of enjoyment and amusement for you and your family. They can also offer protection and security for their owners. Owning a pet dog can be a gratifying experience if you feel lonely at times or need someone to listen to your heart talk without interrupting.

You can develop a bond of unconditional love and harmony with them, where they need nothing much than a bit of your attention. And like you, they also need their space. But being a pet parent is not an easy job. It demands some effort from your end to help your new friend acclimate to its new environment.

You must train them in some commands for their safety and protection. For example, you expect your dog to run toward you when you utter ‘come.’ But you get confused when it doesn’t obey your words. Do you want to change this scenario? K9 Answers Dog Training speaks about how to teach a dog to come to you.

Training Your Dog to Come

1. Practice the command in the indoor settings

Like kids, dogs also need time to become comfortable within a setting and adapt to new things. If you want your dog to come running to you when you call him in the park, you must start reinforcing this habit in him from the house. It’s not an overnight process.

You need to maintain calm while training your dog for this command. Start slow and build up on it to get the full impact. There will be plenty of distractions for your pet friend outside. That’s why it’s wise to start from the house and then do it outdoors.

2. Remove negative associations with the word ‘come’

When training your dog you call them to leash them and take them home, they will associate this term with negative consequences. Hence, it’s better not to do this if you want your dog to come to you so you two can leave the park.

Instead, you can go to him and put the leash gently. In this context, it is better not to use this term during activities like bathing, brushing, grooming, and giving medicine. They will not listen to you if they start relating the word ‘come’ with these least preferred things.

3. Please don’t call him by name when training your dog

When training your dog you generally call them by their name, believing they will leave everything and come to them. The intention is good. But calling their name doesn’t indicate they have to take action.

When training your dog it’s ideal to be specific when you want them to come to you, no matter where they are. And when you use the command ‘come,’ and they appear, you can reward them for their respectful behavior.

It requires dollops of patience and a bit of diligence to get your pet friend comfortable in the new setting. If you cannot find sufficient time to do this, don’t worry. You can choose a good training school to teach your new friend some critical commands.


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